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First of all,cajon drum box refers to wooden box drum, usually there are other names, such as: cajon drum set (Cajon drum set), cajon box drum, cajon drum box  Hong drum box, today cajon drum music instrument manufacturer -China GECKO Musical Instrument Factory shares the following basic Cajon drum play.

The Cajon drum mainly uses the hands to beat at different positions to make sounds. Among them, you can use your fingers to make rolls, use friction to make rounds, beat different parts of your palms or in specific positions to make different sound effects, and you can even use The soles of feet or props, etc. create different timbres. The striking part of the fundamental tone B is in the middle area of ​​the striking surface, the striking part of the fundamental tone S is in the middle part of the edge of the striking surface, and the striking part of the fundamental tone H is the part near the two corners of the edge of the striking surface.


Basic playing of Cajon drums

1. Playing the Cajon drum is mainly to use both hands to tap on different positions of the Cajon drum to make sounds. Among them, the fingers can be used to make rolls, friction can be used to make rounds, different parts of the palms or in a specific posture Tap to make different sounds, and some people even put pedals on them to create different sounds with the soles of their feet or props.

2. The Cajon drum has 3 basic sounds: the basic sound B strikes the middle area of ​​the striking surface, and leaves the drum head immediately after hitting, which can produce low-frequency sounds; the basic sound S strikes the middle part of the striking surface. ;Basic tone H strikes on the edge of the strike surface near the two corners. Once you have learned the 3 basic tones of the Cajon drum, you can practice it against a simple score.

3. In the playing posture, the player usually sits on top of the Cajon drum, with his feet on both sides of the drum, and slightly tilts the Cajon drum forward to enhance the resonance.


Know the Cajon drum

1. Cajon drum is a box-shaped wooden percussion instrument, so it is also called wooden box drum. The sound is similar to jazz drums. It is popular in Cuba, Peru and other places. Professionals in China call it a drum box, and the English name is box drum. It first came from central and western African countries and was brought to the United States by black slaves, and was popular in South America in the 17th and 18th centuries. In 2001, the National Cultural Institute of Peru declared it a "national cultural heritage".

2. The Cajon drum was originally converted from waste and turned into a wooden musical instrument. Snare drum strings or guitar strings are installed in this instrument to create resonance and produce a sound similar to that of a jazz drum. Some of the more advanced Cajon drums also have strainers, resonance box piston pedals, and other percussion instruments in the drum body.

3. The Cajon drum has five sides with different sounds. On its back there is a round hole for sound. Some modern-day Cajon drums have steel wires (snare wires or guitar strings) inside to give the sound more character. This kind of drum has a high improvisation space and is suitable for accompaniment in various genres, especially when playing rock-style songs, it will be more three-dimensional and dynamic.


Post time: Nov-01-2022
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