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Multifunctional octagonal flat drum

Unsurprisingly, the GECKO brand has brought its new products to the fans again!

GECKO brand :Bongo

As a major manufacturer of self-produced musical instruments, whether it is used for learning or collection, as an old fan, you know that every musical instrument of the GECKO brand is ingenious craftsmanship, and the quality is naturally impossible to pick. Innovation is no less.

The new multi-functional octagonal flat drum unveiled this time is even more eye-catching.

Looking back at the source, let's take a look at the history of bongo drums.


Bongo <bongo>, a percussion instrument from Cuba, is often referred to as "Cuban drum". According to its transliteration, it is also called Bongo drum. Mainly used in Latin American music, usually in pairs, bongo drums are popular in Latin America and introduced to China in the early 21st century.


Because of its small size and easy portability, we can often find it in some small-scale bands or orchestras. Because of its transparent tone and strong penetrating power, bongo drums are also widely used in some non-pluggable drums. Electric/light music/clean soundstage.

The timbre is high-pitched and bright, and the bongo drum also plays an important role in "dyeing" and "colorful" in music. It not only enriches the level of music, but also makes the rhythm more three-dimensional.

Because the drumhead is relatively narrow, it is more suitable for interpreting its sound with the fingers, and of course it can also be a companion to any instrument.

The drum beats come and go, making people stop to listen and soothe the troubled souls one after another.


GECKO brand: Multifunctional octagonal flat drum

Gecko Bongo

The multifunctional octagonal flat drum breaks through the shackles that traditional bongo drums must be installed in pairs.


Traditional bongo drums must be composed of two small single-sided drums of different sizes in order to play a high-pitched bongo and a low-pitched bongo, the bass drum can play the bass, and the snare drum can play the high voice.

Although the size is greatly reduced, this kind of conjoined drum still affects the convenience and experience of users.

The multifunctional octagonal flat drum is smaller and more flexible than the traditional bongo drum in volume, and it is also simplified from the traditional conjoined double drum to a single drum.

Although the volume is simplified, its performance is not reduced but increased.


Traditional bongo drums can only play high and low bongos, and two drum heads, large and small, can be played completely. The multi-functional octagonal flat drum has three additional sound holes on the single drum, which can not only produce high and low bongos, but also add snare drum strings.

This is undoubtedly a huge breakthrough for bongo drums, both in terms of performance and appearance, it is a leaping innovation.


Traditional bongo drums do not have high requirements on the drum body, only the drum surface is required to be made of animal skin. Although the animal skin drum surface has a pure and thick sound quality, it cannot be used for a long time and is not easy to preserve. Of course, animal leather drum heads are not in
line with the environmental protection advocated by the state.

Multifunctional octagonal flat drum, the whole drum body is made of birch with high flexibility, and the beat surface is made of croton wood & black wood & tiger maple wood, the sound is transparent, and the service life of the drum is greatly increased.


GECKO brand: multifunctional octagonal flat drum, diameter 280mm, thickness 50mm, net weight is only 0.74Kg, this size and weight drum, whether it is used by children or adults, can be easily controlled, especially ingeniously, because the drum body is too large Small and can sometimes slip during use, and the Jiego
Gecko Bongo drum has a non-slip pad on the side of the drum body. In this way, a bongo drum that is suitable for all ages and can be easily controlled was born.

Some people say that the bongo drum is a delightful percussion instrument, because it is easy to learn and easy to learn; because it is transparent and hits the soul directly.

In the city, people are busy every day, adults have the pressure of adults, and children have the troubles of children. Although busy, don't be mediocre, choose a musical instrument that you have at hand, and enjoy the joy of unrestrained release in music!

Video for Gecko folk guitar:

Post time: Mar-04-2022
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