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Established in 2009,”Gecko Musical Instrument Co.,ltd” is a professional manufacturer company in Guangzhou lnstrument Factory Center-Huizhou which majors in producing high quality Cajon drum, Kalimba, Ukulele and guitar.Only after sufficient market research,we start the design of all products, basing on Ergonomics Principle,combining concept of the modern cost management,absorbing the advanced tech nology and design concepts from Europe.U.S.A.,and Japan.

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  • 14/04/21

    Why has the kalimba become popular | GECKO

    Why has the kalimba become popular?Follow gecko kalimba to find out. kalimba musical instruments The thumb fiddle (or "mbira" in English: mbira) is a kind of African folk instrument with eth...
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  • 14/04/21

    Which is easier to learn for cajon or afr...

    Which is easier to learn, the cajon drum or the African drum?Let's learn more about it with gecko cajon. Advantages of both the cajon drum and the African drum: Eliminate tedious, easy to car...
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  • 09/04/21

    There Are Several Ways To Beat A Cajon Dr...

    A single box is all a cajon drum is made of.Performances are extremely portable, in a drum bag, can be taken anywhere.You must be very strange to this foreign instrument, don't worry, this ki...
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