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First of all, these are three instruments, so there must be some differences in the way they are played. The drum kit is mainly used for accompaniment of popular music and modern instrumental music; Cajon is mainly used for accompaniment of flamenco and gypsy music; Djambe drum is mainly used for ensemble of other African percussion instruments. However, these instruments have been popularized, and the popular playing method is basically the same as that of the drum kit. The snare drum rhythm moves to cajon djambe, like thump thump thump thump...

Cajon box drum, box drum, and African drum are three kinds of musical instruments, and they are played in different ways. The differences are as follows:

1. Different styles of play
Cajon: There is no fixed pitch.
Drum kit: There is no fixed pitch, which is usually adjusted and selected by the player according to the needs of the music.
African drum: it is played with bare hands, mainly has three tones of low, middle and high, and needs to cooperate with Dunun (Dun Dun drum).
2. Different performances
Cajon Cajon: Often played with other instruments.
Drums: often played together with other instruments, can also be played solo.
Djembe: It needs to be played with other instruments.
3. Different voices
Cajon Cajon: It is mainly to use hands to beat different positions of the wooden cajon to make sound.
Drum Kit: Drum sticks are struck against various parts to make sound.
Djembe: beat with hands to make sound.
4. Different timbres
Cajon Cajon: The tone is tight, and other percussion instruments can be used to increase the diversity of the tone.
Drum kit: The tone is loud, full and thorough.
Djembe Djembe: Vigorous sound.
5. Different uses
Cajon drum: used for flamenco, gypsy music accompaniment.
Drum kit: mostly used for popular music and modern instrumental accompaniment.
Djembe: Its musical attributes can be widely used in special festival occasions.
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Post time: Dec-05-2022
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