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Whether you’re an experienced musician looking for increased portability, a beginner seeking a less intimidating instrument, or a parent purchasing their child’s first guitar, travel & mini electric guitars are a terrific option. Smaller in size, powerful in tone and volume, these compact guitars take you anywhere from a car to a music lesson conveniently and efficiently. Travel & mini guitars have all the same features, benefits and durability of their full-size counterparts, just in a streamlined package. A smaller neck makes them easier to grasp while the lighter weight is more accessible for your future rock star.







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Scale Length:500mm

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    Find the Best Custom Electric Guitar for You at GECKO

    GECKO are among the most sought-after electric guitars in the world, known for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. The Custom factory offers a range of electric guitars, including the electric guitar for beginners, electric guitar for kids, and bass, all of which are available in a variety of finishes. Each guitar is hand-built by a team of master builders, ensuring that every detail is perfect, from the fretboard to the pickups.

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    What makes electric guitars for players with small hands different from other guitars?

    Fundamentally, guitars for players with smaller hands are the same as any other guitar. They have pickups, strings, a body, a neck, and a headstock. What is different, however, is the size of some of these components, in particular the neck, and occasionally the body. To accommodate those with smaller hands, these guitars can have slimmer necks, narrower nut widths, shorter scale length, and easy to handle bodies.

    What To Look for When Buying an Electric Guitar For Players With Smaller Hands?

    Narrow Nut

    Nut width is the length of the nut from one end to the other horizontally across the fretboard. Narrower nuts are usually preferable for players with smaller hands as it means the neck itself isn’t as wide. When the neck isn’t so wide, it means that less stretch will be required to reach fingers around to the fretboard and play chords. With the right nut width your playing will be faster and more accurate.

    Neck Profile

    The neck profile on a guitar has a huge impact on how comfortable it is to play, and this is particularly true for players with smaller hands. You’ll ideally want to look for anything described as having a fast neck, a slim neck, or an asymmetrical neck.usually D profiles are the most comfortable for smaller hands, but slim profile C shapes are also good options to consider.

    Scale Length

    Scale length refers to how much of the string vibrates when played open, so this measurement is taken from the nut to the saddles. A shorter scale length tends to mean less stretching out to play chords, and shorter distances during runs, making short scales great for players with small hands. Full scale guitars shouldn’t be discounted, and can be just as comfortable when paired with the right nut width and neck profile.

    Body Size

    If you have smaller hands, you might also find it easier to handle a guitar with a smaller body. Again, this isn’t always true, but having a body that you can easily control will allow you to play with better form and ultimately sound better. This has less impact when playing from a standing position, but if you’ll be spending a lot of time playing seated, then it’s worth considering.

    String Gauge

    String gauge also affects the playability and comfort for players with smaller hands. Light gauges, ideally no more than .010”, are best to avoid excess tension, which can lead to difficulties in playing with expression, but can also lead to accelerated playing fatigue and discomfort.

    Are Short Scale Guitars Only for Beginners?

    It might seem like short scale guitars are only meant for beginners, but plenty of professional guitarists actually prefer them.

    Plenty of guitarists find that their small size and lighter weight much more desirable than heavier and larger guitars. They also prefer the easier, faster playing that a short scale guitar provides.

    Just because these short scale guitars and aren’t the same size as a ‘full sized’ guitar, doesn’t mean they can’t perform like one.

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    1.What is the minimum order quantity ?

    Total MOQ: 4pcs( mix different models and different size is available)

    2.How long is the quality guarantee ?

    For quality guarantee is 8 months without human damage.

    3.How long the delivery time?

    Goods in stock, 1-15days after received your payments; customized products, 30-45days after received your payments.

    4.What is your payments terms ?

    For wholesale: 100% payment before shipment

    For OEM/ODM: 100% payment before production

    5.How much for the shipment cost ?

    Firstly , it depends on the different way of shipping (by express or by air or by sea and please provide us your address or

    airport or sea port and your order quantities,we will check the shipment cost for you asap.

    Any doubts, just feel free to contact me.

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