• Cajon drum—Origins and evolution
    Post time: 07-26-2018

    Cajon drum---Origins The Cajon drum is the most widely used Afro-Peruvian musical instrument since the late 16th century. Slaves of west and central African origin in the Americas are considered to be the source of the cajón drum. Currently, the instrument is common in musical performance through...Read more »

  • Belgium – Brussels   The Myth of [Gecko Cajon]
    Post time: 07-23-2018

    Gecko Brand begin to promote their business in European market in July 2018 Gecko have already obtained the Certificate of International Trademark Registration, which is approbatory by about 28 countries in European area.  Kalimba Standard Cajon MIDDLE SIZE CAJON MODELS   Read more »

  • how to pronounce cajon drum?gecko cajon
    Post time: 07-19-2018

    Cajon drum is the most widely used African Peruvian instrument; In the late 16th century, the Gulf of the Western and Central Americas was considered the source of cajon box drum. Currently, cajon box are common in some musical performances in the Americas, the Philippines and Spain. how to prono...Read more »

  • How long can learn to play cajon ? Gecko professional cajon manufacturer
    Post time: 07-17-2018

    There’s no one standard for play cajon, because you can play cajon by simply accompany, or play it well. Probably the requirement for each fresh hand themselves is not the same, so the answer is different. People who have a music basis is easy to learn it, especially for the one who have ever lea...Read more »

  • Kalimba-Lightness with pure timbre
    Post time: 07-12-2018

    Have you ever heard about the “ Kalimba” or “ thumb piano”? It’s quite normal that you haven’t heard about it before, because it’s one kind of musical instrument originally from Africa. Lightness with pure timbre In the busy modern society currently,  modern people have little experience of life...Read more »

  • 2018 Beijing Music & Life Show Invitation Letter
    Post time: 06-29-2018

    Gecko Musical Instrument Co., Ltd - Professional Cajon and Kalimba manufacturer Booth No.: 1A423 Date : 6th ~ 8th July 2018 Welcome to visit our booth ! Read more »

  • they love to play GECKO Cajon so much and skilled like more than anyone~
    Post time: 06-20-2018

    Cajon Drum is also called a wooden box drum. The sound is similar to a jazz drum. Professionals call it the drum box. It has a jazz drum box and has a high level of improvisation. It is suitable for accompaniment under various genres. The earliest came from the middle and western countries of Afr...Read more »

  • GECKO brand Cajon and Kalimba on CCTV
    Post time: 05-31-2018

    From April and May in the year of 2018, GECKO brand Cajon and Kalimba were on CCTV recording, the name of the program on CCTV is “ Golden Hundred Seconds”. Ms. April Yang as the brand spokesperson for GECKO brand Kalimba, and Mr. CT as the brand spokesperson for GECKO brand Cajon, they all have t...Read more »

  • Guangzhou Musical Show
    Post time: 05-07-2018

     The 15th Guangzhou Musical Show.Welcome to  visit our booth at Hall 13.2, B18 - Gecko Musical Instrument Co., Ltd Read more »

    Post time: 05-05-2018

    Welcome to the 123rd Canton Fair GECKO Musical Instrument Co., Ltd Booth No. Hall 9.1, G32-33 Date : April 23-27 2018 Read more »

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