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The Kalimba tune is very important for beginners, because the new kalimba thumb piano has to be tuned by adjusting the position of the keys, otherwise the tone is not correct, but it can be adjusted for almost once, so tuning does not cause too much trouble for beginners. As long as the novice master the skills of kalimba tuning, and then regularly tune the kalimba, Xiaobian here brings the most detailed kalimba tuning tutorial to the novice, the novice do not have to tangle with the question of how to tune the kalimba!

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Novice to carlin tuning before, need to be on the phone to search for a piano tuner to carlin and thumb, relative to download and registration card lymph tuning software, small make up recommend beginners use more WeChat tuner small program, requires tuning effect into the novice can choose "small GECKO kalimba musical instrument tuner program", this small program is very sensitive to sounds, Tuning effect is very good, and is a completely free small program, the following Xiaobian will use this small program to demonstrate the novice Kalimba tuning tutorial.


First of all, you need to find and open the " GECKO kalimba Instrument tuner applet" on wechat, and find the Kalimba tuning in "Switch Instruments". There are both 17 and 21 tones, and novices can choose according to their own needs. Here, we take 17 tones as an example. After entering the 17-tone Kalimba tuner interface, you will see the keys of the Kalimba at the bottom. Click the key to be tuned. After selecting it, you can start tuning.


Play the key to be tuned, wait for the applet to catch the sound, recognize the pitch and then use Pointers and text to show you the pitch or low. If the pitch is displayed, it means that the key needs to be lower in pitch, and you need to tap the key from the top down with the tuning hammer to adjust. If the display tone is low, tap the keys from the bottom up. Here the small program shows that the tone is low, so the novice needs to use the tuning hammer from the bottom up to adjust.


Click the adjustment and then dial the keys, observe the prompts of the small program, which shows that the tone has been accurate, the pointer interface will turn green, and there will be a green tick on the tuned keys, so the novice can choose other keys to tune, when all the keys show that the tuning is complete, then the Kalimba tuning is over.


The above is the novice Kalimba tuning full tutorial, very simple, of course, also depends on the novice to choose what Kalimba thumb piano tuner, each key of Kalimba is a fixed tone, so the focus of tuning is on the accuracy, the more sensitive to the sound of the tuner, the better the tuning effect, novice need to choose carefully.


Post time: Aug-27-2022
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