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Most beginners consider buying kalimba sounds or 21 and 17 are basically in entanglements range and difficult problem, 21 sound range is big, can play more songs, but difficult to larger, compared with 17 sound so many novice hesitated, this by kalimba maker to analyze the should choose 17 for novice thumb piano or 21 note your thumb.

The 17-note Kalimba thumb fiddle

More keys, a wider range, can play more songs, also can play harmony, playability further increased, suitable for advanced learners and capable beginners. In short, many novices in the market will choose 17-tone kalimba as a starter. From the perspective of difficulty and range, 17-tone is really suitable for novices.

21 tone kalimba thumb harp

More keys, a wider range, more songs can be played more complex, but it is not too difficult to learn, do not worry too much about learning.

Beginners should be aware that each key of kalimba corresponds to a note on the musical score, that is to say, the process of reading music for beginners is to match the mark of musical score with the key. It is generally believed that the more keys there are, the more difficult it is to learn. To play a tune is to dial the corresponding keys on the kalimba. Beginners will mark the keys on the piano when they just start to learn the piano, so that the corresponding keys will be faster.

Generally, there are two ways to make marks, one is to put stickers on the keys, and the other is to pour phonetic symbols on the keys. The difference between these two ways can be clearly seen in the picture. I recommend you to choose the Kalimba thumb piano with pouring phonetic symbols, because it does not affect the vibration of the keys and the playing effect will be better.

Therefore, it is not necessary for beginners to worry too much about 17 and 21 tones when choosing Kalimba. There is not much difference between them in difficulty, but in order to facilitate learning, I suggest choosing kalimba thumb piano with cast phonetic marks.

Compared with the 17 tone, the 21 tone is a rare kalimba thumb, but there are merchants who can play both 17 and 21 tones, and the 17 tone and 21 tone kalimba of Golera are the ones that impressed me most.

At present, the majority of mainstream guitars sold in the market are 17-tone and 21-tone, and the most works created by UP players on major we-media platforms are 17-tone. Although there are many more songs to play in 21-tone than in 21-tone, the music you can find is 17-tone more than 21-tone.

There are many kinds of 17-tone kalinba of Jegao, both in patterns and materials, and the quality of the instrument is high. Beginners just need to choose their favorite materials and styles. For more information about kalimba, please contact us manufacturers of Kalimba.


Post time: Dec-15-2021
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