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Kalimba, originally from Africa, is a musical instrument that produces melodies by plying thin slices of its body with the thumb.Because its sound is clear and melodious, the body is small and easy to carry, easy to use.So how should beginners choose kalimba learning?Here,gecko kalimba answers the question.


The more mainstream ones are 10 and 17 key kalimba.But 17 keys kalimba are richer and more expressive than 10 key kalimba.The 17 keys kalimba scale covers two octaves and most popular songs can be played.When you find a piece of music that you really like, but because you can't play the 10-tone piano, your interest will be greatly reduced, and you will lose the motivation to study.

 kalimba finger piano

kalimba finger piano

Type (Box/Plate)

Box type piano: with sound box, the sound is thick, strong resonance, medium and low performance is strong.There are sound holes on the front or back, which can make wah sounds or act as percussion instruments.

Banqin: As a whole piece of wood, the sound is more balanced and eutectic, with strong performance in high pitch area.The body is thinner than the box type.

Box type and plate type qin only have sound and feel, there is no good or bad points, we can choose according to their own preferences.To get a better sense of the tone characteristics of the two pianos, check out this comparison video.


There is little difference between different styles of thumb keys.The important factor that determines the sound color of the thumb instrument is the body of the piano, which also affects the value of the piano.Common materials are acrylic acid and wood.Acrylic piano is of high value, and its timber is close to that of plate piano, with low sound and heavy weight.The xylophone is divided into red sandalwood, acacia wood, mahogany wood, bamboo and so on.4- Recommendation of style.

The thumb fiddle is so light and small that many people mistake it for a toy rather than a musical instrument.Making Musical Instruments requires high quality materials and workmanship, and making a rough instrument is often called a fire stick.

best kalimba

best kalimba

The purchase of a torch is strongly discouraged:

1.Flames have a higher chance of irreparable chatter.

2.the buttons feel bad, burning fire will make you play very painful, seriously affect the learning enthusiasm.

3.Poor tone.

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