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After learning the basic playing of  kalimba, the friends who learn the piano must also learn more and more complicated Kalinba piano performance. The following GECKO KALINBA Thumb Piano Factory Several other ways.

Musical Instrument Kalimba method/step


1. Kalimba Musical Instrument dual sound

 Playing dual sounds refers to the two different keys at the same time. If the two or more piano keys you need to play are adjacent to each other, you can perform the slippery sound. If you are not adjacent, use both hands to cooperate with elasticity.


2. Playing the sliding sound requires about 2mm nails, and it is difficult to play glide without nails. The direction of the slippery sound is generally slid from the bass to the treble (the left thumb slides to the left, and the right thumb slides to the right). Use your nails to hold the piano keys, and then quickly pass through the keys that need to be played in turn. Practicing good slippery sound requires more practice.


3. Kalimba Music Instrument wow 

During the performance, use the middle or ring finger to make continuous opening and closing shape at the back sound hole, which can produce wow effects. The vibration frequency of each keys is different. Generally, the keys in the Zhongyin District are the closest to the resonance frequency of the piano box, so the sound effect is the best.


Post time: Nov-01-2022
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