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  • what is a kalimba | gecko kalimba
    Post time: 03-11-2019

          Kalimba origin:   Kalimba instrument is a national musical instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa.   In different African countries, Kalimba has different names;   For example, Kalimba is the name of the instrument in Kenya;   In Zimbabwe it is called Mbira, and the Congol...Read more »

  • 2019 Music Guangzhou Show | GECKO CAJON
    Post time: 02-23-2019

    2019 Music Guangzhou Show GECKO booth No. 10.2 Hall H02 Date : Feb. 24th ~ 27th 2019 Welcome to visit !   Read more »

  • how to play cajon drumming | GECKO
    Post time: 12-18-2018

    The cajon drum doubtless originated from shipping crates or easy boxes, and it’s primarily contend with the hands, therefore it extremely can’t be that arduous. What’s arduous is enjoying the cajon at the amount of different additional “conventional” percussion like congas, or with implemen...Read more »

  • GECKO Cajon CL98—play by Chen tong
    Post time: 12-11-2018

    GECKO Cajon CL98 Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: GECKO Model Number: CL98 Drum Heads Material: Natural Ebony Drum Chamber Material: Solid Russia Birch Size: 330*310*500mm Type: Percussion Instrument Material: Natural Eboy for tapping&Solid Russia Birch for bod...Read more »

  • cajon drums | GECKO Cajon
    Post time: 12-04-2018

    The cajon drum contains a deep history, with its Peruvian and Cuban roots stemming back a handful of centuries. With all due relevance however the instrument originated, let’s face it, most folks square measure ne’er asked to play ancient cajon box rhythms on a gig, like lando from Republic...Read more »

  • Cajon Drums Cartoon | GECKO CAJON
    Post time: 11-28-2018

    The word cajon drum is virtually Spanish for box (drawer, crate), and therefore the cajon as a drum shows up in several cultures, on many continents, and over generations of your time. The enduring traditions that have influenced our music and instrument development will usually be copied back to...Read more »

  • Best cajon box drum for sale | Gecko cajon
    Post time: 11-21-2018

    cajon box drum is actually a Spanish word which means a drawer or box. It is a drum-like instrument that is shaped like a box and is simply played by slapping its rear or front face either by hands or by several different tools. With time, several important and different developments have been ma...Read more »

  • People crowed to Gecko Cajon booth… The most popular booth in Shanghai exhibition must be Gecko’s!
    Post time: 11-03-2018

    From Oct. 10 to Oct. 13, 2018,As the first professional manufacturer to produce Cajon Drum and Kalimba in China , Gecko has brought its Cajon and Kalimba and other new listing to Shanghai Music China held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. and showed its dominating charm to domestic and f...Read more »

    Post time: 10-04-2018

    GECKO cajon drum booth No. E6D01 & W3A72 Date : Oct. 10th ~ 13th 2018 Welcome to visit         Read more »

  • 2018 Music China | Gecko Cajon
    Post time: 09-15-2018

    GECKO booth No. E6D01 & W3A72 Date : Oct. 10th ~ 13th 2018 Welcome to visit Established in 2009,”Gecko Musical Instrument Co.,ltd” is a professional manufacturer company in Guangzhou lnstrument Factory Center-Huizhou which majors in producing high quality Cajon drum,ukulele and gu...Read more »

  • cajon drum types | Gecko cajon drum
    Post time: 09-14-2018

    Made in the traditional flamenco style, these new cajon drum are made from the finest wood and combine the warmth of birch. High-density wood on the face, such as ebony, teak or birch, provides a personalized touch for each of these four new models.  China handmade wood box for sale cajon drum se...Read more »

  • cajon box drum | Gecko cajon drum
    Post time: 09-11-2018

    The Cajon box drum is a Spanish term that refers to a box or a crate. The Cajon drum is a percussion instrument that originates from Peru. It is a type of percussion box drum that is played by slapping on the front drum of the box, in a harmonious beat to produce a wonderful rhythm. It can be pla...Read more »

  • kalimba cover | Kiss The Rain
    Post time: 09-08-2018

    Kiss The Rain (kalimba cover) Read more »

  • cajon is the record of suffering of African national music | GECKO history encyclopedia
    Post time: 09-08-2018

    It has been three or four hundred years since the birth of the cajon. This percussion music appeared in history in the late 18th century, when the people of Africa created instruments. And when it comes to Africa, most of friends will think of another percussion music that must be the African Dr...Read more »

  • cajon youtube | GECKO
    Post time: 08-31-2018

    Cajon drum group,lets play together ! This is Gecko Musical Instrument Co,.ltd ,we are professional cajon drum ,kalimba, ,guitar … cajon youtube This is the standard cajon model of Gecko ,Model CL019 which has simple style but very perfect bass sound,made of birchwood with steel string. ...Read more »

  • how to play cajon  | gecko
    Post time: 08-31-2018

    Hi, cajon in this first lesson, we’re gonna start with basics. We’re gonna take it right back to the beginning and start with the fundamentals of cajon drum . I’m gonna show you the basic hits and some basic patterns i’ll play in three different speeds once we get to the p...Read more »

  • how to play cajon? | Gecko
    Post time: 08-22-2018

    how to play cajon? The Box Cajon is very simple to play. There are no hard and fast rules, but if you are playing in a band or with other musicians you will want to at least keep in time with the music and punch out a basic beat to start with. So therefore learning to play the Cajon is very much ...Read more »

  • best cajon 2018 |  GECKO CAJON
    Post time: 08-21-2018

    Let’s start with the basics - best cajon 2018 Gecko Cajon Model CL019,cajon drum made by Gecko Musical Instrument Co.,ltd For the uninitiated thinking, “Wait, what is a cajon?”… the cajon is a drum box that you sit on. It’s constructed from hardwood or plywood. The type of wood used will usually...Read more »

  • Rock on the box : Cajon Drum | gecko cajon
    Post time: 08-04-2018

    It would be centuries for the long history of Cajon drum, which originally from Peru and Cuba. The whole construction for the cajon drum is the box. It could be put in the bag and quite portable. Currently, there’re many different cajon models which made in wood or Acrylic, three sides, EQ and ...Read more »

  • GECKO musical instrument – Paris.
    Post time: 07-31-2018

    GECKO Cajon and Kalimba came to Eiffel Tower and Sacre-Coeur. Thank you for drummer New Blast (USA) and El Javi (Spain)、guitar player Marie Kind (Italy). Marie Kind Smile Talk Pray         Read more »

  • Belgium – Brussels   The Myth of [Gecko Cajon]
    Post time: 07-23-2018

    Gecko Brand begin to promote their business in European market in July 2018 Gecko have already obtained the Certificate of International Trademark Registration, which is approbatory by about 28 countries in European area.  Kalimba Standard Cajon MIDDLE SIZE CAJON MODELS   Read more »

  • Kalimba-Lightness with pure timbre
    Post time: 07-12-2018

    Have you ever heard about the “ Kalimba” or “ thumb piano”? It’s quite normal that you haven’t heard about it before, because it’s one kind of musical instrument originally from Africa. Lightness with pure timbre In the busy modern society currently,  modern people have little experience of life...Read more »

  • 2018 Beijing Music & Life Show Invitation Letter
    Post time: 06-29-2018

    Gecko Musical Instrument Co., Ltd – Professional Cajon and Kalimba manufacturer Booth No.: 1A423 Date : 6th ~ 8th July 2018 Welcome to visit our booth ! Read more »

  • they love to play GECKO Cajon so much and skilled like more than anyone~
    Post time: 06-20-2018

    Cajon Drum is also called a wooden box drum. The sound is similar to a jazz drum. Professionals call it the drum box. It has a jazz drum box and has a high level of improvisation. It is suitable for accompaniment under various genres. The earliest came from the middle and western countries of Afr...Read more »

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