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The Kalimba thumbnail is a very small instrument with a beautiful sound. Why are 17 keys more common? Because 17 keys are more suitable for beginners with zero fundamentals.

Kalimba thumb piano has many different keys, such as 5 keys, 8 keys, 10 keys, 17 keys, 21 keys and so on.

We all know that Kalimba's number of keys represents how many notes it has, and the novice self-taught Kalimba is mastering these notes, so the more notes, the more difficult it is to learn. Kalimba, such as 5-key, 8-key and 10-key, because of its small number of keys, easy to master, narrow range and severely restricted repertoire, few beginners will choose unless they are bought as toys or ornaments for children.

Kalimba 17 bond

Relatively speaking, 17-key Kalimba will have a more appropriate number of keys, a wider range, more songs to play, and harmony to play. 17-key Kalimba thumbnail is more playable and suitable for beginners and advanced scholars, so 17-key Kalimba is more common on the market.

In addition to the 17-key Kalimba, the most common on the market is 21-key Kalimba, 21-key Kalimba has four more bass keys than 17 notes, the range is wider, the songs that can be played are more complex, and the difference between learning difficulty and 17 keys is not particularly great. There is little difference between 17 keys and 21 keys for beginners to choose.

In fact, some novices will also find that there are 34-key Kalimba on the market, which is completely suitable for advanced players who are interested in Kalimba, because 34 keys are a bit too many for novices, and most songs don't need so much tone. Of course, if advanced players want to enrich their performance, it is possible to choose 34 keys, but they are not recommended to novices.

This is why Kalimba is generally introduced with 17 keys. If you want to know more about Kalimba, please feel free to contact us.


Post time: May-19-2022
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