What do you think of kalimba?

After all, kalimba is a kind of musical instrument, it is better to choose wood, and wood has its own original 100 pores, the timbre effect will be better.

Additional should notice to see is box type or board type, had better be to choose box type, it is front plank in the middle cut circular sound hole, inside hollow.This kind of design accomplished the effect that asks a common voice box, timbre, volume can let a person more satisfactory.Board type is a solid board, this kind of sound may be a little muffled.

Kalimba is generally noisy because the shrapnel of the keys does not make enough contact with the edge of the jack.After all, it is a straight edge, no matter how fine polishing will also have some potholes.It is recommended to know about GECKO kalimba, the jack edge of this brand is the crescent arc edge, and only the shrapnel contact a point right, so there will be no noise, mind the noise is recommended to choose this brand.


kalimba 17 key

To sum up, can we see the good or bad of kalimba through the following points?

1, color: choose a favorite color, generally the same model of kalimba will have several colors.

2. Price: the price of kalimba on the market is very unstable. The price of kalimba in offline stores is generally similar to that on the Internet

3. Appearance: observe whether the front panel and bottom and side panels of the piano are scratched. It is recommended to play all the keys when selecting the piano and listen to them.

4, keys: carefully observe the keys of the table surface and screws have no rust, if there is, please do not buy (may be pressed inventory of products) in addition, remember to check whether the accessories in the box is complete, and so on, if there must be timely communication with the seller.

5. Number of keys: it is recommended to choose 17 key kalimba. The playability is the strongest and the songs can be played are the most.

That’s the way to tell the difference between good and bad kalimba;We are a kalimba manufacturer, products: 17 keys kalimba, electric kalimba, 8 note kalimba, etc., welcome to consult ~


Post time: Apr-14-2020
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