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Finger fiddle and Kalimba are what Musical Instruments, let kalimba musical instruments Gecko tell you.

Finger piano and kalimba are the same musical instrument, the English name Kalimba, Chinese translation is often translated into Kalimba.

A variety of thumb harps

At present, there are two types of kalimba in the market.Box type as the name implies is with hollow sound box, board type is the whole piano box is a solid wood.

These two different forms of piano play different timbre. In contrast, box type piano has a box, so the sound produced by plucking the keys resonates strongly. By moving your fingers around the vibrato hole, you can produce the "wua wua" vibrato, and the playing techniques are more varied.

However, due to the absence of a piano case, the resonance of the banding instrument will be weak, and the "wow sound" effect cannot be played. If the volume needs to be increased, it needs to be placed in or above the resonance box, which is not convenient for the operation of the box.

Kalimba material

Kalimba is mainly composed of two parts: the case and the keys. The keys are made of ore and metal, while the case is mainly made of wood. There are also a few other non-mainstream materials like acrylic.And woody in general with mahogany, acacia, rose wood, walnut these a few kinds give priority to.

So that's a brief introduction to the kalimba.We are Huizhou jiegao musical instrument, is also a professional kalimba Gecko, welcome to consult.

Kalimba video

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Post time: Jan-19-2021
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