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With the fresh autumn wind, October arrived in a grand atmosphere of national celebration.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the work intensity and challenges faced by all the staff in 2020 are much greater than before. Fortunately, thanks to the joint efforts of all colleagues, The GECKO instrument Factory has kept moving forward.

In order to thank all employees for their hard work and hard work, enrich employees’ cultural life, relieve work pressure, and enhance team cohesion, GECKO Musical Instrument Factory organized a two-day and one-night joyful trip from October 2nd to October 3rd, 2020.

This tour, GECKO chose qingyuan the young and charming in city, because the qingyuan not only is the unique “back garden” pearl river delta, guangdong is the prefecture level and ethnic minority in guangdong province of guangdong province, the most important is the famous Chinese drift, dragon boat, hot springs, odd holes, stone of the township, to a visit here, both on mental and body must can be fruitful.

October 2 in the morning, we set out from huizhou in full look forward to, at a high speed for 3.5 hours to finally arrived in qingyuan, this way we passed through the gs, north high-speed, high-speed, in the car we have sighed with emotion of the development of the national traffic fast, also communicate with each other the life fun, happy and harmonious atmosphere.

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Gulong Gorge in the Yang nine days, a rush of aura

In qingyuan, simply after lunch, we came to set the first stop “, implicit, qiao, clever, deep and remote, kuang, surprised, risks, and the whole, the ancient “top ten characteristics of GuLongJiu organ, a line of us based on under the water, looking at the huge waterfalls, composed of nine falls in height and head flush out nearly kilometers of unfathomable cliff peaks, as if saw a huge dragon entrenched mountain noise with his guardian of the mountains, a reiki also straight into our body from the top of the mountain, is one hundred times spirit refreshed immediately.

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With a brisk pace, we soon moved to the cloud Sky by the waterfall.When we first came into contact with the glass floor, the first thing that greeted us was a section of glass cloud bridge with a length of 1314 meters. The bridge deck was clean and clear, and the whole sky was reflected on it. When we stepped on the bridge, it seemed as if we were walking in the cloud, and we could clearly see the mountain road at our feet after a careful look.

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We walked in a long line of people, and some excited colleagues walked in front of us, talking to everyone about the unique landscape.Afraid of heights colleagues, in the support of partners although the pace is slow, but also praised in everywhere connected with the mountains and the sky;More like photography colleagues, keep for everyone to snap as a souvenir, posing punch…

Hot spring pool in the body and mind, mutual affection deeper

After coming out from gulong Gorge scenic spot, we had a dinner with local characteristics. After a short rest, we went to Yinzhou Forest hot spring again with great interest.

Qingyuan Hot spring is one of the six hot springs in Guangdong, known as “the first water in south Tiannan” reputation, after making the itinerary, colleagues have expressed great expectations for this.Very not easy arrive destination, everybody is impatient to change swimsuit in succession, to float continuously in the pool that white smoke is like fairyland walk, after the overwork of a day trip fades, the hard that this big half year comes also got solace slowly.

There are groups of people in the pool, enjoying the relaxation of the body, while also leisurely talking about some trivial things in life, the body with the continuous warming of the water temperature, the feelings between each other is also constantly warming.

Cattle and fish in the mouth of the wonderful view, the small Beijiang reading ancient and modern

The next morning, after breakfast, we got together again at 9:30 and headed for “Lingnan First Creek” — Beef and fish mouth.After we got to the land, we went up the stream and saw a forest of exotic flowers and herbs, strange rocks, jade dragon pool, sacrificial altar, divine spring and other natural wonders exclusive to the primeval forest, which allowed us to breathe a lot of fresh air in nature and also gave us enough energy for the new day.Therefore, in the various leisure activities of Niuyu Lake later, everyone was full of energy and laughter filled the whole lake and mountains.

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After a burst of joy, and we came to the last leg of the journey “a little beijiang,” team to ride on the boat, watching water cross-strait Gao Shansong cui, jagged seventy-two peak confrontation, and the few kilometers, can not help but also think of many old bookman, is under the scene to express a lot of ambition, and left a lot of masterpiece.

Sometimes the river was tight and turbulent, sometimes it was clear and smooth. We enjoyed a unique fisherman’s feast with mountains, rivers and flowing water on the boat, which also drew a beautiful and special period for the whole trip.

This trip, our team mighty, we set foot on all the way, all the way nostalgia, all the way to look forward to, but also at the end of with greater power, every step forward more stable!

Post time: Oct-18-2020
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