The thumb piano that Internet celebrity also like, it just out of the new style appeared in TIK TOK!

A product called thumb piano has become popular on the Internet recently.

With a wooden box as big as a palm and elastic metal bars of different lengths, the thumb piano with a simple structure has become the first choice for many Internet celebrities to learn Musical Instruments because of its cute, portable and easy to learn.
In fact, the thumb piano is commonly known, and the technical term for it is the kalimba, a national instrument with national characteristics in Africa.Its main sound body part is the upper length of the elastic metal strip, and the lower wood or gourd as a resonating

As a professional manufacturer of kalimbas in the industry, GECKO Instrument has been the industry leader in the production of Kalimba. And its updated GECKO K17 thumb piano has met the market's expectations.

GECKO brand series thumb piano first to take two first-class wood materials for forging.One is camphor wood, as a sound box, this wood has a unique aroma, fine texture, tough and gentle, not easy to break;another one is bamboo, it is tough, elastic, elegant color, texture beautiful, not easy to deformation, and the sound quality is clear and bright.

Why we choose these two types of wood? Gecko shows how thoroughly a professional musical instrument company "interprets" all kinds of wood.

Camphor wood is one of the rare tree species in China. It takes more than 20 years to grow into wood. It is a rare and first-class wood.It contains rich volatile oils and has a strong special aroma, and is one of the sources of high-quality perfume extraction.And this unique fragrance has the effect of making people breathe easily, clearing away the heart-fire,, leaving fragrance lasting refreshing.Of course, the professional degree of GECKO musical instrument is more reflected in the market research.Before choosing camphor wood, they surveyed about 95% of the people like this fragrance in a certain range of customer groups, and finally decided to choose camphor wood as the best choice.

Not only with top raw materials on the body, we selected ore for the keys of K17 series, its good toughness and high strength, can keep the high pitch area clear and high saturation, while the bass area can ensure the sense of strong momentum. GECKO K17 series pays more attention to the overall sound quality, so that the sound conductivity is better, its special pronunciation hole makes the sound color even and high fidelity, sound crisp and touching when playing, corner with precision work .

In the process, K17 series follows the environmental protection concept that GECKO musical instrument has always adhered to. It adopts paint-free environmental protection surface waxing process and formaldehyde-free, which meets the needs of consumers "buy at ease and play at happy".
April Yang, a musician who is one of the sponsors of Kalimba in China who has many fans on various video websites, has even made a hot performance of GECKO K17 series on Tiktok, attracting unanimous praise from many netizens who are interested in the thumb piano. Some of them said, "It's time to buy a Kalimba and battle together.

Video for gecko kalimba:

Post time: Aug-19-2021
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