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It's summer, friends who want to buy a fresh and pleasant GECKO Kalimba, are they ready to start buying, buying and buying? Don't worry, as a novice entering a field, you will inevitably suffer a loss and step on the pit. The editor of Chinese wholesaler Gecko Kalimba Musical Instruments will give novice friends a little common sense~


How to choose a kalimba for beginners


As a small musical instrument, the Kalimba thumb piano is really not difficult. Even a novice Xiaobai who has no basic knowledge can learn by himself according to professional textbooks, and can learn results in a short time. And the cost of the kalimba itself is not high. The price of a kalimba as a musical instrument is about one hundred to three hundred, which can be said to be quite close to the people compared to common musical instruments such as piano and violin. Friends who have just come into contact with the Kalimba thumb piano should also know that there are many Kalimba thumb pianos with a price of more than ten yuan and dozens of yuan on the market, which are colorful and eye-catching. Please pay attention that this kind of piano cannot support the performance that it should have as a musical instrument in terms of materials and timbre. Thumb pianos used for playing are generally not painted with heavy colors and colors. Excessive thick paint will seriously affect the timbre of the piano. Novice friends who want to learn the kalimba must not jump into this pit, no matter how beautiful it is to burn the fire. If you buy a stick and take it home, it's just a fire stick.


So how can a novice choose a good quality kalimba?


In terms of materials, the kalimba has different materials. The mainstream ones on the market include mahogany, walnut, acacia and rosewood, and even some gimmicky ones such as the "crystal" kalimba made of acrylic. relatively new material. Let me mention here. In addition to being beautiful, the crystal kalimba is actually not very good in performance. It is best to choose a natural wood piano when buying a kalimba.


In addition, different woods have different grain colors and timbres. For example, the color and sound quality of mahogany is warm and moist, while acacia is more crisp and clear. Novices can choose according to their own preferences.


In terms of craftsmanship, it is best for beginners to pay attention to some details, such as the keys. Each key of the kalimba represents a different scale. Some businesses will directly send piano stickers to let novices stick the piano label to identify the scale. Although the sticker is a good way to identify the keys, you may not know it. How much will hinder the sound transmission when the keys are plucked and vibrated, thereby affecting the timbre of the keys. However, some merchants are more considerate and will pour the phonetic symbols on the keys, which perfectly solves the problem of novice recognition and avoids the problem of sound quality damage.


The editor recommends that everyone should look for professional brands that already have a certain reputation in the market, and look at and choose among reliable brands within the price range of one to three hundred. It is not difficult to win a cost-effective kalimba. . Here the editor recommends a few high-quality and inexpensive kalimba for everyone, you can look at it for reference.



Gecko walnut core wood veneer 17-tone kalimba -kalimba Wholesale



 The brand of gecko musical instruments has always been very strict in the quality and manufacturing process of musical instruments. Therefore, since the launch of the thumb piano, the user feedback has been very good, and the reputation is good. This mahogany 17-tone is a popular basic series of his family. It handles the details very well. The keys are poured with phonetic symbols for beginners, and the appearance is also simple, elegant and fresh. The Kalimba thumb piano of Gecko Musical Instruments is rich in various materials and styles, which can basically meet the preferences and needs of most novices. The key is that the price of gecko musical instruments has always been very close to the people, and the accompanying novice tutorial is also comprehensive and detailed, which can be said to be very friendly to student parties and novice Xiaobai who want to learn by themselves. It is recommended that friends who want to start Kalimba go to his house for more shopping.

 After reading so much, I believe that novice friends already know how to choose a good kalimba and what kind of kalimba they want. Then act quickly. This summer, let the crisp and pleasant kalimba The ding-dong sound of the lingba will accompany you through the heat!

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Post time: Aug-16-2022
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