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Chinese scientist Chen Yong has come out on top of a list of scientists who do not do their jobs.Chen yong, who graduated from the Department of Physics at Peking University and is now the director of the Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials Science at the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was named by netizens because he played the guitarist for Dou Wei's new album, and sang a song called "Entering the Wine", which has received more than 10 million hits.

Professor Chen is an avid guitarist. He taught himself to play the guitar when he was in college. During his graduate studies, he often went back to Peking University to play, sing, and write poems and songs.When asked by a reporter whether he had ever thought of forming a band, Professor Chen said that he chose guitar because he thought it was very handsome to play guitar at the beginning, and that he felt sad and depressed when he was about to graduate from university because playing guitar and writing songs became better.

The most important thing is that he is also full of love for life. He is determined to study, so he will calm down to study very seriously. After reading professor Chen's report and the photos of cool playing piano, I can only admire and ask him: "You also have nine years of compulsory education, why you are so prominent?"

Then I remembered that I ever built the flag to learn guitar well, and bought a guitar a year ago, but I didn't keep learning for a long time.At that time, I thought I would learn it first and then buy a better one when I learned better, so I chose a very ordinary guitar. When I bought it, my friend said that if I really decided to learn,first of all, I had to put all my mind on it. I firmly believed that I can learn it well, and I need a good guitar, it will be helpful to insist when practice playing.

After deep thinking, I asked a friend who knows guitar well to recommend a good one. When I saw the recommendation picture, I thought: Wow, it is so attractive.(Of course, the little sister is also very attractive.)

My friend said that it is very suitable for friends who have some guitar foundation to learn. It is specially designed for Asian people with a hand shaped neck radian. It is comfortable to press and can be used quickly.The appearance of this instrument is very nice, the sound hole circle design is beautiful, graceful lines, simple and generous.
Of course, the most important part of instrument is the sound, my friend said that the quality of the instrument to a large extent determines the performance of a song.The structure design of the stable sound beam makes the timbre very pure.Strong sound projection, in the acoustic and mechanical stability of the play, the string vibration faster conduction to the body; fully closed chord precision system made of high strength aluminum alloy, intonation accuracy is higher than the conventional chord.

When my friend introduced me here,I couldn't help but ask the name of the guitar, "Gecko folk guitar," and he quickly spits it out.Talking about his favorite instrument, my friend was really excited. After he quickly said the name, he then introduced the quality of the instrument on the wood.Mahogany, fine texture, three-dimensional appearance is particularly attractive, full low frequency dynamics, bright high frequency response, thorough medium frequency performance, resonance and prolonged stability, can control a variety of playing styles, make the sound more warm, sweet and thick feeling...

I interrupted my friend and asked to place an order immediately. These extremely professional words can be discussed together after reaching some degree. At this time, my friend's mouth also slipped out: "From inside to outside, I fell in love at first sight..."
Suddenly, I was looking forward to the arrival of this GECKO instrument, considering that professionals were very high evaluation on it. Excellent people are so hard, I also want to play the guitar to fly!

Video for Gecko folk guitar:

Post time: Aug-19-2021
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