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The Shanghai international musical instrument exhibition, one of the world’s most influential Musical Instruments exhibitions, will open on October 10, 2019.

As one of the most influential musical instrument exhibitions, Shanghai international musical instrument exhibition attracts thousands of musical instrument manufacturers from all over the world, as well as many musical instrument lovers and lovers, to present the latest technical products in musical instrument field and music-themed commodity exhibition and trade.

At that time, GECKO musical instrument will also bring its GECKO brand, amazing appearance with innovative attitude in this musical instrument exhibition, and more people like music and Musical Instruments experience GECKO musical instrument quality and music charm!

GECKO kalimba

GECKO kalimba

Shanghai international musical instrument exhibition as a domestic musical instrument manufacturers must not miss the musical instrument event.GECKO is a frequent visitor to Shanghai international musical instrument exhibition.In this exhibition, we also invested a lot of manpower and material resources to create the largest product lineup in history, so as to bring a unique music experience to the audience.In addition, no matter from the arrangement of the staff, or the design of the instrument booth and the preparation of the exhibition products, are more complete than in previous years.

GECKO kalimba

In this exhibition, GECKO musical instrument will exhibit GECKO’s various types of cajon drum, thumb piano, guitar, ukulele and other Musical Instruments, bringing new visual and auditory impact for musical instrument lovers!

In addition, what is worth looking forward to more is, in this musical instrument exhibition, GECKO musical instrument will continue to show its GECKO brand thumb piano and cajon drum instruments, let more people see and hear GECKO brand kalimba and cajon drum!

GECKO kalimba

As simple and easy to learn, cajon drum and thumb piano are also popular among young people in recent years.

GECKO cajon drum and thumb piano at this time, in addition to provide guests with colorful try to play and play the audio-visual experience, show its outstanding quality and the music expression, GECKO Musical Instruments are also carried a new product to meet you at the event, new faces, new configurations, new image, and the unexpected surprise price, to meet the current needs of aesthetic and the pluralistic music lovers.


GECKO cajon      GECKO kalimba

Please visit booth W3E32 of the exhibition to learn about and experience the quality and sound quality of GECKO cajon drum and thumb piano products.By then, GECKO musical instrument will bring you unexpected surprises, so that you must be worth the trip!


GECKO musical instrument, as a professional manufacturer of ka hong drum and karim ba thumb piano, is also a famous representative of the domestic ka hong drum and thumb piano brand.We always adhere to the concept of “creating high-quality products and providing perfect after-sales service for customers”. Through continuous exploration and innovation, we keep improving the production process to ensure that the output and quality of products meet the requirements of customers, thus gaining the love and pursuit of more music fans.

In addition, GECKO musical instrument also works with outstanding musicians such as Yang Po, song xiao and Chen tong to jointly promote the development of thumb piano and ka hong drum Musical Instruments, so that more people can get in touch with music and fall in love with music, and more music fans can feel the charm of music.

GECKO kalimba

As one of the largest professional musical instrument exhibitions in the world, global musical instrument manufacturers and industry insiders will gather here, which is unprecedented.In this golden autumn October, 2019 China (Shanghai) international musical instrument exhibition, GECKO musical instrument will be as promised with its GECKO brand products waiting for you!

Post time: Oct-09-2019
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