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GECKO Kalimba

A product called thumb piano has suddenly become an Internet hit.

A palm-sized wooden box, elastic metal bars of different length, playing all kinds of pop songs sound particularly beautiful, simple construction of the thumb piano because of its lovely portable easy to learn by oneself and other advantages, so become many web celebrity learning instruments first choice.

In fact, the thumb harp is commonly known as the technical term for kalimba, a national instrument in Africa with national characteristics.Its main sound body part is above the elastic metal bar of different lengths, and below the use of wood or gourd as a sound box.

As the professional manufacturer of kalimba instruments in the industry, GECKO musical instrument has been the leader in the industry.And its newly launched GECKO GECKO brand K17 series thumb piano is to meet the market’s expectations.

GECKO brand K17 series first in the material to take two superior wood materials for forging.

One is made of wood of whole veneer camphor, taking camphor as the sound box body. This wood has a unique aroma, fine wood, fine texture, tough and soft, not easy to break.

Another for the whole veneer nanzhu material, nanzhu material tenacity, full of flexibility, elegant color, texture beautiful, not easy to deformation, in the expression of sound quality can achieve crisp and bright effect.

Why did you choose these two materials?In this regard, GECKO musical instrument shows the thoroughness of “interpretation” of various types of wood by a professional musical instrument company.

Camphor wood is one of the rare tree species in China, the growth period is very slow, generally need more than 20 years to become wood, is rare first-class wood.It contains rich volatile oil, has a strong special aroma, is one of the high quality perfume extraction sources.And this kind of unique fragrance has to make people breathe comfortable, god qingxinning effect, leave fragrance lasting refreshing.

Of course, GECKO’s professionalism is more reflected in market research.Before the selection of camphor wood, they in a certain customer group within the investigation of about 95% of the population like this fragrance, finally decided to camphor wood as the best choice.

Besides top-grade raw materials on the box, K17 series also selects mineral materials for the keys, which have good toughness and high strength, so that the high pitch area can maintain high saturation and the low pitch area can ensure a strong sense of momentum.

GECKO brand K17 series pays more attention to the overall sound quality, so that the sound conductivity is better, its special pronunciation hole makes the tone color even high fidelity, playing sound clear and moving, seiko corner.

In terms of technology, K17 series follows the environmental protection market concept that jiegao musical instrument has always adhered to, and adopts the process of waxing without paint and environmental protection surface, without formaldehyde, which meets the needs of consumers to “buy at ease and play with ease”.

Yang Po, a musician who is one of the initiators of Chinese kalimba and has many fans on various video websites, even put GECKO GECKO K17 series of hot performances on douyin platform, attracting many netizens who are interested in thumb piano, saying: “it’s time to buy a sheep Po together with battle.


Post time: Sep-19-2019
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