Lovely musical instrument — kalimba

Recently, a call "kalimba" musical instrument popular circle of friends, all kinds of recommendations a variety of tutorials blow on the face and come, this instrument is not only small and easy to use, tone is also very gentle, so what is the thumb piano?

Today we are going to meet this lovely instrument.

17 keys kalimba

Thumb harp is from Africa, a national musical instrument with national characteristics.

In different African countries, the thumb harp has different names;

For example, Kalimba is the name used in Kenya;

Zimbabwe calls it Mbira;

Congolese called Likebe, along with names like Sanza and Thumb Piano.

It is named for the thin slices (mainly made of wood, bamboo and, in modern times, metal) that are plucked by the thumb.Traditional thumb harp is made of gourd resonator.

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As early as 3000 years ago, the thumb guitar was made of bamboo or trees and used. The reason why the thumb guitar is popular is that the music played by the thumb can drive away evil spirits from people and pray for rain.

The sound body part of the thumb harp is the metal bars of different lengths on the top, which can adjust the tone of the instrument by adjusting the metal plates of different lengths. Generally speaking, the longest metal bars are placed in the middle, the two sides are the shortest, and the sound box made of wood or gourd is below.

gecko kalimba

The kalimba is mainly used for accompaniment singing. It is usually played in religious ceremonies or social activities. When playing, you need to hold the body in both hands and then play with your thumb.

Some thumb guitar will be loaded with some shells or soda bottle caps and other objects, is to play when you can also give out some "filar" sound, make the acoustics more rich.

When the sun was about to set, people would circle the city and sing with their kalimba or use them as an accompaniment to stories. They would sit together and enjoy the soft, ethereal sound of the kalimba.


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