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What are the problems that beginners will encounter when they first come into contact with Caion Drum? Next, let's learn about it together.

Broadcast cajon box drum basically can not sit up to play, need to sit in a chair to play with legs clip, the price is a little expensive.

The timbre is rich and can be adjusted properly, but an external speaker is needed.

The material style of Caion Drum

The Cajon box, which can not be played without being plugged in, is more convenient than plugging in, but the performance-to-price ratio is poor.

As for which one to choose, you can try it at the largest local instrument store, because the size, timbre, wood material and richness are not the same.

There is no standard which size and wood must be used in the folk style. You need to test the feel and listen to the timbre yourself. Finally, I hope you can choose the instruments that you like and suit your style. It is recommended to have a protective bag / backpack to protect it.

Caion drum configuration

Percussion equipment is like a bottomless pit, but after in-depth research and fascination, you will spend a lot of money on the perimeter configuration of a simple Caion drum, such as external foot devices, such as arm sandbags, such as Caion box hand brushes and so on. The higher the self-demand, the more fascinated you are, the more you lose the family.

The brand must have something to do with timbre, because different brands have different layers, different wood and different quality.

It is very important, because the splicing of multi-layer boards has a lot to do with the meticulous sound area, so it is impossible to adjust it by yourself when you buy it home.

Practice and find the timbre of different parts of the Caion box, the better the Caion box can perform, the more and more delicate the timbre will be, and the more comfortable you will be.

The above is the introduction of Caion drum novice question, if you want to know more about Caion drum, please feel free to contact us.


Post time: May-27-2022
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