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Kalimba is also known as the thumb piano, small and lovely, easy to carry, with the “palm of the little piano” said, if you like music but do not know how to play Musical Instruments, then come to learn Kalimba, even music is very easy to start, simple, round you a little music dream!


∙ What is Kalimba ∙

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Kalimba is an African national musical instrument with ethnic characteristics.Kalimba has different names in different African countries, such as Kalimba, which is the name for the instrument in Kenya, and Mbira, which is the name for the instrument in Zimbabwe.

A vocal instrument of the pluck type, specifically a percussion instrument.It is also called a thumb harp because it USES the thumb to pluck the thin slices on the body.

黄昏之时- GECKO Kalimba Play by Songxiaoxiao

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Kalimba originated in Africa.More than 3,000 years ago, the earliest Kalimba in West Africa was made and used from bamboo or trees.The use of iron bars began more than 1,000 years ago in the Zambezi River Valley.

It is said to be one of the most popular instruments in Zimbabwe because its music not only drives away evil spirits but also serves as a prayer for rain.


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The vocal part of Kalimba is the elastic metal strip with different lengths above, while the wood or gourd is used as the sound box below.In the past, these bars were made from metal melted in ore, but now they are made from higher-quality steel.

Kalimba comes in many different shapes, and the number of steel bars is not always certain.In Zimbabwe, for example, carimba is a round wooden speaker with 22 to 28 steel bars arranged in two rows.


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Karim ba is mainly used for accompaniment, and the thumb piano is usually played at religious ceremonies or social events.

When you play, you hold the body in both hands and play it with your thumbs. When the thumb is pressed and released, the steel will vibrate and make a sound.

Some thumb guitars will be equipped with objects such as shells or soda bottle caps, so that some similar “hiss” sound can be produced at the same time when playing. It can also be half warping and shaking on the table, which will give out the echo effect of circling, or the sound of metal pieces of tambourine shaking, which will enrich the sound effect.

At present, playing this instrument in foreign countries is not very popular, karim ba in China is still installed X artifact Oh.Do you like such an instrument?

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