Inner monologue of CL98 GECKO Cajon : hey…

According to the estimation of the financial director of the family, my price tag in the arena of Musical Instruments is about RMB 2,500.00.

The elders of the family say that I am the direct blood of the first pulse of GECKO cajon, belonging to the high-end series.

I know I really come from a good family.

gecko cajon

GECKO CL98 cajon drum

GECKO brand family is the first major the of the musical instrument Jianghu in the central plains.

I represent this generation as the ninth direct member of the GECKO cajon family.

As the largest faction in the cajon drum, our every move is imitated or closely watched by other factions.

CL98A, the younger brother of mine, has always maintained a cautious attitude towards this, so his personality is very calm and introverted.

On the Jianghu of Musical Instruments, he has a high evaluation of my younger brother’s style of doing things, and thinks that his timbres are stable and constant no matter what the situation is, and his accomplishments are not shallow.

By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is GECKO CL98 cajon drum.

GECKO is my last name and CL is the word of my generation.

GECKO CL98 cajon drum

Faction first is more than just a title.

The family has spent a lot of effort in shaping my excellent character.

I belong to the GECKO family’s great masterpiece:





SIZE :330*300*500mm

Factional excellent selection of materials, real material basswood production of solid materials has created my diamond body, wear-resistant and not easy to crack, and has a “detoxification” physique — anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and knock resistance;

In appearance, I have natural wood grain, texture clear, texture good full;

When performing on the stage, I have a natural expressive force, no matter in terms of sound quality and stability, sound cohesion, etc., which is very vivid.

And this combination makes me good both internally and temperamentally.

One is more than just a title.

My family has spent a lot of effort in shaping my high-quality character.

I belong to the GECKO GECKO family’s great masterpiece:

And I have a special ability: environmental protection.

I have been using environmentally friendly PU paint all over my body, which not only keeps me fresh in smell, but also is safe, environmentally friendly and healthy.

This point makes me — GECKO CL98 has great influence in the arena of cajon drum, and has won the respect and care of all schools.

I live up to the expectations.

I have been on the concert of Chinese tap dance godfather Chen tong, brand image Rusty, the favorite list of foreign friends, and the world’s major musical instrument exhibitions.

Musical instrument arena all know GECKO cajon drum, have heard of GECKO cajon drum CL98 this number one character.



Musical instrument Jianghu is very big, so pretend to wait for a phenomenon to exist all the time.

Of course, not me, or more specifically, the GECKO cajon drum school, no other genre can pretend to replicate.

Because we have our own anti-counterfeiting logo, GECKO members have anti-counterfeiting bar code, rivers and lakes can be a good screening GECKO card honggu school and other schools.

GECKO cajon drum

GECKO cajon drum in Jianghu, has been to the appearance of the level and timbour coexist with the influence of other schools, and in timbology, my appearance is to let our school icing on the cake.

The clanging strings in my body are guitar clanging strings, the bass is steady, the sound is fine, the high-pitched is bright, slap can make a fine sound, which is paid attention to by every genre of cajon drum.

At present, musical instrument Jianghu is growing stronger and various genres are developing and maturing.

GECKO brand will continue to export power and bring more enthusiasm and love to this land.

If you also love this piece of world, welcome to enter our musical instrument arena ~

Cajon Model CL90A,CL098,Double Bongo


Post time: May-23-2019
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