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Cajon drum have two types of strings, the snarecajon(often called sandband or snare drum) and the stringcajon(often called nylon or guitar).Here, Gecko Cajon tells you how to choose the sound strings of a cajon drum.

Handmade Cajon

Handmade Cajon

The design of the sand-belt string is to have a snare drum inside and use the forward bending force to make the sound line bounce.Or directly similar to the snare drum belt, installed in the strike panel in the strike panel.It is characterized by a clear high and low pitch, and the listener can easily tell the difference between a bass and a slap.

Nylon strings are designed with guitar strings V-shaped or straight on the back of the panel, Velcro on the panel, and the blow is to vibrate the guitar strings to make the sound.It is characterized by exquisite sound. When playing Bass, there is also a loud line sound, and it can make a sound even if it is not strong.

In terms of accompaniment, nylon string is generally more suitable for some Flamenco music, or light music such as Jazz.Bass is best used to accompany light music because it has a soft sound. Of course, it can also be used in the style of rock or pop.

And the sandbelt string is high and low distinction makes it easier for him to play in rock, pop and other styles.I'm sure I can get into the light side of music, just like I can get into rock with guitar strings.And I personally prefer solo with sandbelt strings.Because it can feel like a drum set to give people the same feeling of shock.But it's the skill of the person that matters.

custom cajon drum

custom cajon drum

When choosing Cajon, the first thing everyone should choose is what kind of music style you play more.If the lighter ones are Jazz, Contry, etc., it is better to choose String.If you play more music, what kind of music style do you like? If you play less music, jazz,contry and so on.It is better to choose String. If you play a lot of music by yourself, it is better to choose Sonare, etc., which will be more helpful to music.

I believe you will have your own judgment after reading it.If you do not understand, welcome to consult GECKO cajon.Can search ""

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