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Electric guitar is one of the very popular musical instruments now, the first electric guitar for beginners is very important, and there will be a lot of problems in the selection and purchase, so this paper sorts out the strategy for you to choose the first electric guitar to help beginners choose the first electric guitar more easily!

What is the difference between electric guitar, electric guitar and wooden guitar?

The electric guitar is a plucked string instrument, which, unlike the traditional guitar, does not rely on the vibration of the box, but uses the principle of electromagnetics. the electric guitar is equipped with a coil, that is, a "pickup". When the magnetized guitar string vibrates, it causes a change in the coil flux on the pickup, resulting in a current of different frequencies in the coil, when the current is restored through the electronic speaker. It becomes the sound of an electric guitar.

Therefore, the main structures that make up the electric guitar are: body, neck, head, bridge, pillow, pickup, strings and so on.

I believe that many beginners will ask this question before learning: electric guitar and wooden guitar which is easy to learn? In fact, each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Although the wooden guitar has thick strings and is difficult to play, it is difficult for beginners at first, but it doesn't need a lot of things to play. It can be played anytime, anywhere.

Electric guitar, sound mainly depends on pickup, loud sound, easier to play, and more skills, a wide range of styles, can better master the style of music, pop, jazz, heavy metal and so on can be easily controlled, but the setup is complex and requires more equipment.

How to choose an electric guitar?

1. How to choose the electric guitar pickup?

There are three kinds of pickups for electric guitars: single coil, P90 and double coil, and their sound performance is different:

Single coil, the sound is bright and thin, has a good definition and high frequency corresponding, but it is also easy to produce bottom noise.

P90, full and warm sound, is an alternative single-coil pickup introduced by Gibson in 1946. The coil is wider and the magnetic aperture is wider, but the high-frequency response is not very outstanding.

The double coil has a thick and powerful sound, which solves the problem of the bottom noise of the single coil, and the sound has a more sense of impact, but because the output is larger, it is also easy to produce overloaded and distorted sound.

Generally speaking, the position of the pickup on an electric guitar is in the neck and bridge, the sound of the pickup closer to the neck is fuller and round, and the sound of the pickup closer to the bridge is brighter. There are many kinds of pickups on the electric guitar. For beginners, whether it is to choose double pickups, or single and double pickups, or single and double pickups, etc., should be based on their favorite music style.

For beginners, which shape of electric guitar do you choose?

Electric guitars are divided according to shape, among which the classic ones are: LP, ST, SG, TELE, Super Strat and so on. In addition, there are strange shaped guitars, such as Fly V, which is often called big fork, Warlock and so on.

2. How to choose electric guitar single shake or double shake?

Single shake and double shake are easy to be confused for many beginners. Let's briefly introduce:

Single shaking means that the handle of the electric guitar can only be pressed forward to control the vibrato effect produced by relaxing the handle and change the original note interval.

Double shake means that in addition to pressing down the handle, you can also lift the handle up to raise the string tone to a semitone, a full tone or two or three full notes.

For beginners, electric guitars without handles can also be used. if you choose electric guitars with handles, you must choose middle and high-end electric guitars, which can ensure pitch accuracy, otherwise it is easy to run away.

The above is the introduction of how to choose electric guitar. If you want to know more about electric guitar, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jun-17-2022
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