GECKO new thumb piano K17SD, sheep abaosong small sincere recommendation!

As a minority instrument, kalimba is popular among music lovers because of its small and cute size. Do you know how much power the kalimba contains?

In recent years, there are more and more kalimba on the market, and the brand types are mixed. How do we choose a desirable and high-quality kalimba from many kalimba brands?

Recently, jegao musical instrument launched GECKO new thumb piano K17SD, red sandalwood material selection + carved notes of the keys, advanced technology and minimalist design concept, let the simple GECKO thumb piano like crafts exquisite, people love.

Material: red sandalwood

It is well known that wood is an important factor in determining the timbre of the kalimba, as well as an innate condition affecting the appearance level of the thumb piano.In the market we common kalimba material is generally mahogany, bamboo, camphor wood, acacia wood, rosewood and so on.

The red sandalwood used by GECKO's new kalimba K17SD is one of the rare hardwoods, belonging to the high-grade wood, red sandalwood structure slightly thick to thin, texture wavy or staggered.The wood has luster, fragrance and no special taste.Air dry density is usually less than 1.0g /cm.The material is very hard.Planing, turning, good wear resistance.Very resistant to decay and termites.It is mainly applicable to furniture, flooring, sculpture, handicrafts, heavy structure, sports equipment, Musical Instruments, etc.

Post time: Apr-29-2020
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