GECKO Kalimba : you want the kalimba. It’s here!

Not long ago, various Internet platforms and moments have been “what is page” fans, just because of its just a few minutes of video simple heart of the content of the poke people laugh and tears.Many netizens from “what is page” triggered “what is matching”, “XXX such matching” spread to a wide range of comments.


As the famous gecko instrument (gecko) that makes the kalimba in the market, it has been “matched” here.

Kalimba is an ethnic instrument of African origin. It gets its name from thumbing thin sections of the body (mainly wood, bamboo and, in modern development, metal).

The vocal parts of the kalimba are elastic metal bars of varying lengths, which used to be made from molten metal in ore, but are now made from higher-quality steel, and the number of keys in the kalimba production varies according to the size and shape

gecko kalimba

GECKO kalimba adopts high quality imported mahogany, acacia and other woods, which is the biggest guarantee for the products.Among them, acacia wood is one of the most precious, among which MBR mahogany and MC-S (maple) are the main styles for sale, which can be painted according to the needs of customers for color selection.

The rigorous working procedure and the woodworking and the surface painter with many years of experience make together, its timbre feel is good, the empty inspiration is strong, the delay sound effect is good;The keys are soft, and the tones issued by different keys are obvious. The materials are very exquisite. After making the piano, the finished products of kalimba will be sent to a professional tuning room for tuning debugging.

gecko kalimba1

Kalimba is mainly used for accompaniment singing. When playing, he holds the piano body in both hands and then plays with two thumbs. When the thumb is pressed and then released, the keys will vibrate and make a sound.Some kalimba will be installed with a few shells or soda bottle caps and other objects, so that when playing can produce some similar “hiss” sound, can also be on the table half tilt up and shake, will send out echo like the effect of the whirl, or like a tambourine metal sheet shaking sound, so that the sound effect is more rich.

Kalimba is small and easy to carry. When traveling, a group of friends gather together and use it to accompany singing or telling stories. While some people also carry it for recreation along the way when they go on a long walk, its portability is the most prominent feature.

gecko kalimba2

Musical Instruments have no boundaries, and the power of music transmission always contains great power.The kalimba thumb is not an obscure instrument. The GECKO instrument “matches” the kalimba you want!

Post time: Dec-31-2019
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