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Established in 2009,”Gecko Musical Instrument Co.,ltd” is a professional manufacturer company in Guangzhou lnstrument Factory Center-Huizhou which majors in producing high quality Cajon drum, Kalimba, Ukulele and guitar.

2021 gecko kahong drum spokesperson Chen tong world music sharing conference Nanchong station let us feel the power of rhythm.

Chen tong world music sharing session · feel the power of rhythm

On January 9, 2021, jointly introduced and held by Musicians Association of Shunqing District, Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Shunqing District, Nanchong Traditional Culture Association, and Nanchong Hanfu Culture Association, the first Nanchong Dum Festival was grandly opened in Zhongli Fang Cultural and Creative Space.


Guhui scene was filled with passion, strong and specific music, especially Chinese famous tabla player, Chinese tap dance master, "Godfather" of Southwest tap dance, gecko Kahong drum spokesman, founder of Tabu World Music Club Chen Tong, appeared at the scene, the atmosphere was reaching a climax.

As a rare world music theme activities in recent years, the world will take on the art of music drum remit content back to music art itself, Mr Chan girls teacher rich shows the box at the scene, African drum, drum hand plate, steel drum, voodoo, the Middle East, enjoy the thrill of drum, electric drum sound, and with the local famous Wang Yitong, good empty, Chen Yihuan artists stage of cooperation, including the guqin, flute, yoga, Oriental dance, tap dance, to expand the world music art stage.


The stage one by one, not only let the world music and traditional percussion is permeated with the scene, make the whole the cubic immersed into this occur once a rare spectacular: musicians, artists, and local music culture art charm on the stage for the show, the audience spectators in the hearing and the two-way baptism and enjoyment on the vision, the various understanding of world music universality, also appreciate the charm of local musicians and artists.

Taboo World Music Club


With music as the core, Mr. Chen Tong presented various percussion instruments in world music to the audience, deeply interacting with them and allowing them to feel the face and charm of world music from multiple perspectives.In the interactive communication activities, the pressure of life and work disappears in the drums, and the tension of mind is relieved in the drums. The rhythm of the rhythm allows them to achieve self-transcendence again and again, which is exactly the same as the original intention of teacher Chen Tong who founded Tabu World Music Club.


Mr Chan girls teacher Mr WORLD MUSIC club (TAP WORLD MUSIC), main is to make comprehensive MUSIC art in the form of teaching can be more widely, the effect of more fun, the club is the first domestic theme club, TAP dance to MUSIC club not only provides a new concept, more let many like TAP dance and percussion of my colleagues have a common communication study entertainment "home".


The event not only makes the audience feel the ultimate rhythm fun, but also broadens their understanding and vision of world music.Here, "music drum language" is the best communication tool for friends, musicians and artists. Everyone is connected with each other, heart and language are in the same frequency, happy and harmonious, happy communication.The one-day drum gathering activity came to a perfect end. The audience not only felt the rhythmic power brought by world music, but also presented many high-quality music and art works, which broadened the audience's horizon, broke through their usual fixed frame and frame of understanding of music and art, and enriched their absorption of world music and art culture.

On the spread of drum culture, Mr Chan girls teacher kept their full enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility, in order to let more domestic love drum enthusiasts can more convenient more ways to better access to quality of drum, Mr Chan girls teachers over the years has been paid close attention to the domestic drum manufacturing industry, and frequent contacts try drum to experience in person, only on the feeling of quality, sound quality and blow through their recognition of drum, would recommend to all.


GECKO壁虎乐器5 GECKO壁虎乐器7

For example, the Gecko Gecko card drum appeared in this sharing session.The Gecko percussion instrument is recognized by Mr. Chen Tong mainly because their manufacturer, Jiegao Musical Instrument Factory, is meticulous and strives for perfection in the manufacture of instruments.



                                   GECKO壁虎乐器11                                            GECKO壁虎乐器12

They are very picky about the materials used in the manufacture of Musical Instruments. In addition to the high quality of wood, they also have high requirements for the appearance and grain of wood.Accessories selection is also very attention to detail, it is through the carpenter Lao shifu, and professional tuner double recognition will be employed, with "yan choose refined" attitude, sense and sound quality for use of the product is ready to handle and sublimation, actually will be the service tenet of "quality first, customer first" fell on feet, the originality of this sincere and trusted global drum lovers!

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