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Gecko cajon drum are produced with skillful handicraft, elegant and pure timber, offering the player high quality of playing performance.

Gecko cajons are recognised by their pronouncing loud, sensitive tones, strong penetration and unique style, winning the favor and praise from amateur to experts in the music field.

Gecko Cajons honour the forests by using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified woods and environment-friendly coatings in the construction of the instruments.

Gecko Cajon Box Features:

1、Easy to take with you, suits many different music styles.

2、The cajon instrument is great for playing acoustic music.

3、The snare can be adjusted using

4、All in one portable snare drum and bass drum.

cajon hand drum-GECKO

Gecko Cajon Pad Features:

1、Compact design box drum, lightweight and portable.

2、beautiful texture in natural brown color.

3、With several strings inside for special buzz-like effect or tone.

4、Comes with a box drum strap and a carrying bag for easy playing and convenient storage.

5、Suitable for band accompaniment, street performances and rhythm practice.


Gecko Cajon Drum Features:

1、The appearance is simple and fashionable.

2、The whole barrel is made of pure solid wood.

3、The bottom pad of the barrel body protects the bottom of the barrel.

4、Has excellent resonance characteristics, it produces excellent deep bass and rich sound. Suitable for all kinds of music accompaniment.

5、The bottom of the box drum is fitted with large rubber feet for sturdy placement, as well as to protect the bottom being damaged, and prevent sound getting lost in the floor.

cajon bass drum

Cajon Drum kit Features:

1、6pcs box drum companions, including castanets, jingle bells and foot tambourine.

2、Made of high-quality Thailand rubber timber.

3、Castanets with fastener, can be fixed onto the box drum.

4、Foot tambourine with elastic nylon strap, fitting comfortably over foot.

5、Metal bells create bright and silvery sound.

Gecko Cajon Bag Features:

1、Black backpack with measures 27 * 25 * 39.5cm, designed for children box drum.

2、Made of durable 600D cloth with soft nylon lining and 5mm cotton padding.

3、With dual shoulder straps and top carry handle for convenient transport.

4、4 rubber pads at the bottom for protecting the bag from dirt when placed on the floor.

5、An ideal choice for keeping your cajon safe during travel and protect it from dust and dirt.

gecko cajon bag

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This is a tour video of gecko cajon factory,tidy and clean workshop.Welcome to visit us in Huizhou,Guangdong of China. Produced by GECKO MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD


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