Elements of thumb piano purchase and maintenance tuning

What is a thumb piano?

The thumb harp (or mbira) is an African national instrument with national characteristics.In different African countries, the Thumb Piano has different names. For example, Kalimba is Kenya’s name for the instrument, while in Zimbabwe it is called Mbira. The Congolese call it Likembe.It got its name mainly from the use of the thumb to move the thin slices on the body of the instrument (mainly made of wood, bamboo and, in modern times, metal).Traditional thumb harps use gourds to make resonators.


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Elements of thumb piano:

This thing is basically by analogy, like buying a guitar, to see the wood, craft, string material, and so on!The purchase elements of thumb piano are basically the same, with four controllable purchase points:

1. The sound box structure, which is also the main wooden structure of the thumb piano, must have a big sound hole in front of it. In this way, the concert will be more ethereal.

2. Like the guitar, the thumb piano has the normal version and the electric box version. The electric box version can be connected with external speakers, which is mainly used for performance.

3. The wood structure of the piano body is also affected by the humidity of the air. In winter, it is dry and not suitable for fragrant camphor wood.

4. There are 17 notes, 15 notes, 10 notes, 8 notes and 5 notes on the market now. The more the number of notes, the richer the repertoire you can play.

Maintenance and tuning of thumb piano:

Daily maintenance

1. If the weather is too dry or wet, it is not conducive to the placement of the thumb piano.

2, after the use of thumb piano do not as to the hot direct sunlight, the maintenance of wood products are generally to prevent the sun exposure;

3. For the cleaning of thumb piano, because the body is made of wood and metal, do not use wet cloth to wipe it, to prevent the noise caused by the distortion of the sound box wood and the rusting of metal shrapnel. After each use, wipe it with dry cloth.

The tuning

Generally speaking, when the thumb piano leaves the factory, it will have a good tone, but it is difficult to keep the tone is not right, this time you need to tune

You can download a “thumb piano tuner” App on your phone and then debug it.

The accompanying sound adjustment hammer also looks very small and delicate, which is usually kept in the case when not in use, for easy access.

Move each piece of shrapnel with your finger and, according to the tuner’s instructions, tap it with the tuning hammer if the display is inaccurate to adjust it to the best condition.

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Post time: Apr-14-2020
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