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Like any other musical instrument, the playing cajon drum is an investment that should be purchased only when it feels perfectly appropriate. Today we will introduce Cajon's design.

Why is Cajon so popular?

The box drum is easy to carry, practical and easy to learn. There are a variety of ways to play (sitting or standing), from which you can make dozens of sounds and easily fit into a band or group. The basic box drum is almost as simple as a musical instrument and can be modified and upgraded to suit any player by implementing military drums or strings. This is a very simple concept, but it produces rich sounds suitable for any scene.

Design and Technology of Cajon

The core design of Cajon is simple and elegant. A wooden box allows several eye-catching areas. Playing near the edge of the box will produce a higher and sharper tone, which is very suitable for use as a backbeat similar to the small army drum in the traditional drum frame. As you approach the center of the front, the pitch is lowered and a wooden thump is introduced, so that the player can use it more like a bass drum or Thomas.

Different scratches, plucks and mutes or open blows create a series of interesting sounds. You can change the pitch of the note depending on which part of the hand you use, and change the pitch of the note by bending the wood with one hand or foot and hitting the head with the other.


The box drum may just look like a hollow box, which is basically what they looked like at first, but when it comes down to it, there are a lot of things that need to be customized. The properties of the drum and line can be changed using the lever outside the box, and you can even loosen the line if you want to use the pedal to make a bass drum sound. You can also usually adjust the inner hexagon screw at the bottom of the drum to adjust the pressure of the wire on Thapa, thus changing its sound. Models with this adjustability are more expensive but have a wider range of uses. Box drums without drums and military drums can even be adjusted to make specific sounds. The Tapa (front panel) is fixed to the frame with screws or glue; if it is fixed with screws, you can loosen the screws to give the tapa's "beat angle" more room to move when it is hit. This may cause a tapping sound when the tapa slaps the frame, but this does not happen if the screws are tightened. The port location also changes the sound of the drum, affecting the volume and bass. Finally, some box drums specially have multiple playing surfaces, and some have different wood types on each side. Looking for highly adjustable and customizable box drums is definitely worth looking for. .

The above is the introduction of Cajon drum design technology, if you want to know more about Cajon drum, please feel free to contact us.


Post time: Apr-15-2022
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