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Nowadays, cajons are mostly around 48 x 30 x 30 cm in size and primarily made of birch or beech plywood, while some high end models are made of solid wood.

The third version of the Cajon is less common and represents the original archetype. These Afro-Peruvian cajons have no strings or snares inside, and with their very woody sound are very popular in flamenco.

Cajon drums tutorial:

You should sit with a pretty much straight back.

You may occasionally need to lean forward to access other parts of the cajon (such as the sides) for special tones, but that should be for a minority of the time.

Both feet should rest flat on the floor

There’s no one standard for play cajon, because you can play cajon by simply accompany, or play it well. Probably the requirement for each fresh hand themselves is not the same, so the answer is different. People who have a music basis is easy to learn it, especially for the one who have ever learned the percussion instrument, it’s more easy for them to learn how to play cajon.

Post time: Jan-31-2023
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