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What are the benefits of Orff's integration with African drum and cajon drum? Let's talk about the professional cajon drum manufacturer of Jigo Instruments.

Orff and African drum are two completely different concepts.

Let's talk about Orff and African Drum first. Orff is an educational system, one of the three advanced music teaching methods in the world. This teaching method is very suitable for young children to learn music.And the African drum, the Cahun drum, is another two percussion instruments, which can be the beginning of the musical enlightenment for children.

Orff may not seem to be related to the African drum, but it is actually very closely related.What would be the benefit of incorporating kid-friendly Orff teaching into kid-friendly percussion African drum cahon drums?

Without Orff, many teachers would use traditional teaching methods to teach African drum, mostly focusing on the learning of skills and techniques. However, this traditional teaching method cannot achieve the purpose of music education for children.

Orff teaching method, which gives music education a new anti-traditional teaching methods and concepts, let us have a new understanding of music education, music education is not a single singing and rhythm, its form should be diverse and colorful.

Through the rich musical experience and expression ability, combined with the performance of African drums, the children can improve their comprehensive artistic ability.Orff's music course, which mixes the African drum with the cajon drum, is different.

 These are the benefits of combining Orff with African drum and kahun drum. I hope this will help you learn more about the kahun drum.We are a professional supplier of Cahun drum from China, welcome to consult.

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Post time: Jan-28-2021
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