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The sound made by Kalimba is crisp and ringing to the ear, and the surrounding breath is permeated with a speechless atmosphere; the color of the piano body is a particularly comfortable log color, a combination of natural sound and color, so the brain sends out such a message without thinking: yes, this is it.

Moved at first glance, this is the direct feeling of seeing GECKO Kalimba.

Before this, I only knew box-style Kalimba, so I decided to know the whole series of styles of this plate-style camphor wood Kalimba, which was more interesting than I thought.

GECKO plate camphor wood Kalimba series has carried on the diversified choice in the design, the shape has several kinds of structure, subdivides each style structure is different, its tone emphasis is also different. For example, K17NOTE and K17CAS belong to full veneer C tone, K17CAP is B tone, and K15CAP is G tone.

In the current market, the thumb piano is roughly divided into two types: box type and plate type. The box-type thumbnail is equipped with a resonance box, which resonates strongly when poking the keys, and the fingers move around the vibrato hole to produce the vibrato of "wua wua". The plate-type resonance is weaker than that of the box-type, but each sound is clearer, the timbre is bright, and the effect of sound extension is very good, which can give people a sense of fantasy, and the timbre is extremely clear after recording.

Jiegao Musical instrument is a professional manufacturer of kalimba (thumbnail) musical instruments, and it is also the only manufacturer in China that specializes in producing only Kalimba, so its products have outstanding advantages in performance, timbre and other characteristics.

As far as this GECKO gecko veneer camphor wood thumb piano is concerned, Jiegao chose veneer wood because of its purer and fuller sound quality, faster timbre transmission and more natural resonance. after all, the timbre is what Jiegao pays most attention to. Some people in the market will choose plywood material, but plywood vibration transmission loss, more noise, which will have a negative impact on the transmission of timbre.

This type of plate piano is very thorough in the selection of high-quality materials. Camphor wood has a unique aroma, fine wood, delicate texture, tough and soft texture, not easy to break; another full veneer bamboo material, its material is tough, elastic, elegant color, beautiful texture, not easy to deform, in the sound quality expression can achieve crisp and bright effect. All series of GECKO gecko veneer camphor wood thumbnail adopt imported ore keys with good toughness, high strength, clear treble and strong bass.

At first sight, GECKO gecko board thumb piano gives a beautiful feeling at the first sight. People who can own this instrument must have their own little luck.


Post time: Mar-31-2022
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