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Luv Letter DJ Okawari (GECKO Kalimba cover)

Green jade hand in a very rhythmically playing the recent Internet popular song “the rest of my life”, the sound produced by the thumb piano clear around the ear, the surrounding atmosphere with the sound diffuse filled with words atmosphere;

The color of the piano body is the wood color that gives a person special and comfortable, the union of natural sex sound, color two, then the brain sends out such a message without thinking: yes, it is.

The first glance on the heart, this is to see GECKO brand board camphor wood thumb piano direct feeling.

Before this know box type thumb piano only I, decide to know the whole series design of this board type wooden thumb piano then, be more interesting than imagination unexpectedly.

GECKO plate type thumb piano series in the design of a variety of choices, the appearance of a number of structures, subdivision up each style structure is different, the emphasis of its tone is also different.For example, K17NOTE and K17CAS belong to full veneer C tone, K17CAP is B tone, and K15CAP is G tone.

In the current market, thumb piano can be roughly divided into two categories: box and board.

Box type thumb piano: it has a resonating box, and the sound produced when the keys are plucked resonates strongly. When the fingers move around the vibrato hole, the vibrato of “wua wua” can be produced.

Board type thumb piano: the resonance is weaker than the box type, but each sound is more clear, the tone is bright, the effect of the extension sound is very good, can give a person a dreamy feeling, after recording the tone is extremely clear.

GECKO musical instrument is a professional manufacturer of karminba (thumb piano) musical instrument. It is also the only professional manufacturer of karminba in China. Therefore, its products have prominent advantages in performance, timbre and other characteristics.

In terms of this GECKO board type veneer thumb piano, GECKO chooses veneer wood for its pure and full tone quality, faster timbre conduction and more natural resonance. After all, timbre is jiegao’s most attention.Some can choose on the market close plank qualitative, but close plank vibration transmission loss is big, noise is much, this can cause adverse effect to the transmission of timbre.

This board type piano in the high quality material selection can be said to be very thorough.Camphor wood this wood has a unique aroma, wood fine, fine texture, tough and soft, not easy to break;Another whole veneer nanzhu material, its material tenacity, full of flexibility, elegant color and lustre, texture beautiful, not easy to deformation, in the expression of sound quality can achieve crisp and bright effect.GECKO brand board type veneer camphor wood thumb piano all series are used imported ore keys, good toughness, high intensity, treble clear, bass strong.

A fixed feeling, a listen to the heart, GECKO kalimba in the first sight to give a hearse type of good, can have this piano, presumably have their own small lucky.

Post time: Sep-19-2019
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