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Many times, buying Cajon Box Drums needs to wait, quietly watching, quiet feeling, which brand of drums is the best sound we like most! You can understand the gecko first, the gecko brand has a lot of brands There are many products, a lot of personalized products, and there are new products from time to time. For example, like this CL-98 is one of the most popular styles, gecko and other excellent products, Not one by one! Interested little friends know more about it!


The following is an analysis of the small partners from the aspects of tone, material selection, string system, striking panel and drum cavity:

First, the sound quality:

The sound of the drum is a combination of tradition and modernity, relying on the traditional flamenco box drum making process, combined with the brand’s own special design, especially the string system that can accurately adjust the sound of the box drum can make the whole box drum The tone is very grainy and the low frequency is very full and powerful.

Second, the selection of materials:

All the materials used to make the Cajon Drum Box are not only carefully selected, but also try to choose a large number of different woods. At the same time, the use of the entire surface of the drum is also trial and error, each drum in each series is The producers are handmade, the whole drum is very handy and full of weight! And they also noticed the choice of renewable resources in the production process, the wood used is renewable wood.

Third, the string system:

Cajon Drums’s stringing device is still very special. It is a monolithic module that is directly embedded inside the drum. This string system can be quickly switched to the sounds that the player needs in the performance. At the same time, the star above The knob also adjusts the distance between the string and the panel as well as the tightness, which changes the tone of the string.

Fourth, the performance panel:

The gecko hits the panel, which is very comfortable and extremely sensitive to the strength of the hand. Even the very slight force can still touch the sound color. The panel is thin and thick, and it is tough. It will not feel tired when playing the hand for a long time.

Five, drum cavity:

The cabinet wood is made of 11 layers of birch, a total of 0.59″ thick. The surface of the decorative surface is made of maple and ash. The overall tone characteristics are very consistent with the sound characteristics of the modern drum, the overall drum surface looks The atmosphere is natural.

For our learners, no matter what level of hobbyist or professional box drummer, you should not greet the so-called “cost-effective” and go to the “small water flow” ruin your own pocket of rice! Good quality, look at the gecko cajon!

Post time: Feb-23-2019
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