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  Kalimba is a musical instrument originated from Africa;

kalimba instrument

  It has different names at different places;

  We normally call it Kalimba or thumb piano;

  Its resonance was achieved by vibration of sound in the sound box;

  After plucking the metal tine with our thumbs;

  Although kalimba is kind of tiny,it has its distinct structure;

  Its body was made from wood to from a hollow box,namely the resonate box;

  There are two stripes of wood on the resonant box,one upper and one lower;

  There is a metal stripe in between the upper and lower wood strip;

  which to compress the vibration;

  Normally we call it the bridge;

  These three things help to fix the metal tines firmly on the resonant box;

  We can classify kalimba into two different types based on;

  How it resonates sound:resonant box type and flat board type;

  Kalimba with resonant box will have circular sound holes at both front and back;

Kalimba with resonant box

  Kalimba with flat wood board consists only a solid wood without any sound hole;

gecko kalimba

  I was frequently consulted for advice in choosing a suitable kalimba;

  There are two very important factors to consider:timbre and range;

  Regarding to the timbre:

  you need to listen about the subtle difference due to different tupes of woods;

  The major difference between kalimba with resonant box and flat board;

  Also lies in their timbres;

  You should choose the one you like most;

  Regarding to the range,the wider the range,the better it is;

  I would recommend the beginner to choose 17 notes C Key Kalimba;

  The first step of learning playing kalimba is learn how to hoid it properly;

  Hold the side of kalimba naturely with your two hands;

  Placing your thumba on the tines;

  Index finger could place gently om the side as support;

  This is the correct mathod of holding your Kalimba;

  After understanding the correct posture of holding kalimba;

  We need to emphasize on how to use our thumbs to pluck our tines;

  Our fingernails play a very crucial role;

  Many kalimba performance skills cannot be achieved without using our nails;

  Hence,it is recommended to keep about 2-3 mm long nails;

  For practicing and performing;

  We use the flesh at fingertip to touch the tine first;

  Then slide the finger down quickly to use the nail to pluck the tine;

  The kalimba can only produce accurate and beautiful tone;

  If we follow the correct method of plucking the tines;

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GECKO 17 Keys Kalimba

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