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There is a kind of drum called cajon drum, it is a wooden box, sitting on it and tapping, the art is very casual, the realm is high, that is the master fan…

  What problems do newbies encounter when learning cajon drum? Let us summarize the following:

  One: Is the cajon drum solid wood?

  A: Most of the drums of the world’s major brands are plywood (there are a few parts of solid wood).

  Thickness specifications vary according to the number of layers of plywood: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18 mm,

  The hitting panels are generally 3mm. It has three or five layers.

  The outermost layer is thin and precious wood, which can show the texture of the wood.

  The characteristics of the plywood are: uniform characteristics, stable shape, and not easy to crack and deform.

    Two: How long can the box drum learn?

  A: There is no uniform standard in learning. Is it a simple accompaniment called learning? Or is it easy to call it?

  Maybe each newbie has different requirements for himself, and the answer is different.

  People with a music foundation are relatively easy to learn to play drums.

  Especially for students who have studied other percussion, it is easiest for them to learn the box drum.

  Box drums are relatively simple and easy to do with other instruments, as long as you have both hands to play the sound directly.

  As long as you have enthusiasm and practice, one month of study time is enough.

  After a month of study, you can play accompaniment and perform together with friends.

  Of course, if you want to learn very well, it is not easy.

  Besides, in fact, it is not easy to learn all the instruments well.

  You can’t be a master in a few years.

     Three: Can the cajon drums be self-study?

  A: It is ok, now the Internet is so developed, there are a lot of information videos on the Internet, and there is no obstacle to self-study.

  If you just play the accompaniment of popular songs, it is even simpler, and some students with good rhythm can get started right away.

  When you are self-study, you should use your heart and learn to do the same thing and learn to think in your studies.

  It is very important to practice some basic rhythm patterns, control the stability of the beats, master the speed, and practice the basic skills.

  It is also a good way to practice with your favorite songs.

  The most important thing is your enthusiasm and patience and perseverance!

  Four: How to practice the stability of the beat?

  A: The most effective way is to practice with the metronome. This is the most effective method. Will make your progress fast!

  Five: Do you have to learn to practice the cajon drums?

  A: Yes, basically, learning any instrument must learn to pat the beat, especially for percussion.

  There are many advantages to the foot beat, you can feel the rhythm of the rhythm, you can stabilize the speed of the beat and so on.

  If you want to learn the box drum, it is impossible to step on the beat.

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