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ولې GECKO غوره کړي؟

په 2009 کال کې جوړ شوی، "Gecko Musical آله Co.، Ltd" په ګوانګجو يو مسلکي جوړونکي شرکت lnstrument فابريکې مرکز Huizhou  چې په لوړ کیفیت Cajon drum، Kalimba، Ukulele او ګيتار د تولید دمسلک. یواځې وروسته کافي بازار څیړنې، موږ د ټولو تولیداتو د ډیزاین پیل، پر ارګونومیکو اصل په اساس، د ګډو د عصري لګښت مدیریت مفهوم، له Europe.USA، او د جاپان د پرمختللې تکنالوژۍ nology او ډیزاین مفاهیمو جذب.

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شرکت خبرونه

  • 24/10/20

    GECKO musical Instrument exhibition in Sh...

    It is reported that the China (Shanghai) International Musical Instruments Exhibition 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Musical Instruments Exhibition”), jointly organized by China Musical Instrum...
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  • 18/10/20

    The trip to Qingyuan of GECKO musical Ins...

    With the fresh autumn wind, October arrived in a grand atmosphere of national celebration. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the work intensity and challenges faced by all the staff in 2020 are much greater than befo...
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  • 09/10/20

    GECKO Kalimba teaches you the scale and t...

    The corresponding scale and notation of Kalimba, the following follow GECKO Kalimba to understand: Simple notation refers to a simple method of notation There are two types of letter and number spectrum, now commonly ...
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