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In MMIX statutum 'Gecko Instrumentum Book Co., Ltd "comitatu est a professio manufacturer in Guangzhou lnstrument Center Factory, Huizhou  qui maior est in producendo princeps qualis Cajon symphoniae, Kalimba, et Cithara haec otia fecit. Solummodo post sat foro investigationis, nos satus cum toto Consilium sit amet, certis innixa Ergonomics in fine simplicitatis, combining conceptum modern sumptus de administratione vult, quae de notionibus primis tech nology consilio et Europe.USA et Japan.

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  • 08/08/20

    GECKO Musical Instruments and Yang Po qia...

    How beautiful is a little sister who can play the Kalimba?See the sheep a treasure, song Small than three stay mu teacher and so on know!Not to mention the cool Fried street, but the bow of gentleness and performance ...
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  • 29/04/20

    GECKO new thumb piano K17SD, sheep abaoso...

    As a minority instrument, kalimba is popular among music lovers because of its small and cute size. Do you know how much power the kalimba contains? In recent years, there are ...
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  • 14/04/20

    Elements of thumb piano purchase and main...

    What is a thumb piano? The thumb harp (or mbira) is an African national instrument with national characteristics.In different African countries, the Thumb Piano has different names. For example, Kalimba is Kenya’...
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