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2009年に設立され、」Geckoの楽器有限公司は、」ファクトリー・センター・恵州lnstrument広州の専門メーカー会社である  高品質なカホンドラム、カリンバ、ウクレレやギターの生産に専攻します。唯一の十分な市場調査の後、我々は、近代的なコスト管理の概念を組み合わせた、人間工学原理に基づか、そして日本Europe.USAから高度なハイテクnologyとデザインコンセプトを吸収し、すべての製品の設計を開始します。


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会社の ニュース

  • 08/08/20

    GECKO Musical Instruments and Yang Po qia...

    How beautiful is a little sister who can play the Kalimba?See the sheep a treasure, song Small than three stay mu teacher and so on know!Not to mention the cool Fried street, but the bow of gentleness and performance ...
  • 29/04/20

    GECKO new thumb piano K17SD, sheep abaoso...

    As a minority instrument, kalimba is popular among music lovers because of its small and cute size. Do you know how much power the kalimba contains? In recent years, there are ...
  • 14/04/20

    Elements of thumb piano purchase and main...

    What is a thumb piano? The thumb harp (or mbira) is an African national instrument with national characteristics.In different African countries, the Thumb Piano has different names. For example, Kalimba is Kenya’...

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