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  • Die unerfahrene Kalimba will nicht die falsche kaufen, also wähle sie?  So wählen Sie eine Kalimba für Anfänger |  GECKO
    Post time: 08-16-2022

    It's summer, friends who want to buy a fresh and pleasant GECKO Kalimba, are they ready to start buying, buying and buying? Don't worry, as a novice entering a field, you will inevitably suffer a loss and step on the pit. The editor of Chinese wholesaler Gecko Kalimba Mu...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Post time: 06-17-2022

    Electric guitar is one of the very popular musical instruments now, the first electric guitar for beginners is very important, and there will be a lot of problems in the selection and purchase, so this paper sorts out the strategy for you to choose the first electric gui...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Caion-Trommel-Anfängerproblem |  GECKO
    Post time: 05-27-2022

    What are the problems that beginners will encounter when they first come into contact with Caion Drum? Next, let's learn about it together. Broadcast Caion box basically can not sit up to play, need to sit in a chair to play with legs clip, the price is a little expensiv...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Warum hat Kalimba im Allgemeinen 17 Bindungen |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 19.05.2022

    The Kalimba thumbnail is a very small instrument with a beautiful sound. Why are 17 keys more common? Because 17 keys are more suitable for beginners with zero fundamentals. Kalimba thumb piano has many different keys, such as 5 keys, 8 keys, 10 keys, 17 keys, 21 keys an...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Historische Entwicklung der Caion-Trommel |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 05-12-2022

    Caion drum, also known as wooden box drum, sounds similar to jazz drums. It is a box-shaped wooden percussion instrument that makes a sound by tapping the veneer at the front of the wooden box with a hand. Strings of small drums or guitar strings will be installed in woo...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Ist es schwierig, die Kalimba |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 05.06.2022

    Judging from the problem, it should be difficult for you to learn. But is there anything that is easy to master? Walking, talking, using chopsticks, writing, driving. Which one is not mastered by a lot of practice? Whether it is a music rookie or even a tone-impaired fri...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • So lösen Sie das Kalimba-Geräusch |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 28.04.2022

    Kalimba is a kind of national musical instrument with national characteristics in Africa. It mainly makes sound by touching the thin pieces of the piano body with the thumb (mainly made of wood, bamboo and metal in modern development). Kalimba, also known as mbira, is a ...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Die Vorteile von Kalimba |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 21.04.2022

    If you have a child who is obsessed with music, and you are looking for a perfect way to introduce them to everything about owning an instrument, then kalimba is a good way to start. Once your little music prodigy has their kalimba, they will be very excited to see how e...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Design-Technologie der Cajon-Trommel |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 15.04.2022

    Like any other musical instrument, the Cajon drum is an investment that should be purchased only when it feels perfectly appropriate. Today we will introduce Cajon's design. Why is Cajon so popular? The box drum is easy to carry, practical and easy to learn. There are a ...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Cajon-Trommel ist die leidende Blockflöte der afrikanischen Volksmusik |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 04-08-2022

    It has been three or four hundred years since its birth. This percussion music appeared in history as a musical instrument created by the African people in the late 18th century. When it comes to Africa, most friends think of another kind of percussion, which must be the...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Auf den ersten Blick angezogen, GECKO Kalimba|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 31.03.2022

    The sound made by Kalimba is crisp and ringing to the ear, and the surrounding breath is permeated with a speechless atmosphere; the color of the piano body is a particularly comfortable log color, a combination of natural sound and color, so the brain sends out such a m...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Über die einfache Notenschriftbasis von Kalimba|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 18.03.2022

    Friends who want to learn Kalimba quickly and prefer text understanding can read this article. If you find it difficult to understand, follow a small step and gradually master it from each song. Basic elements 1. height of the notes Any piece of music is made up of high ...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Unterschiedliche Anzahl von Kalimba-Tasten |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 03-11-2022

    Choose an affordable and durable kalimba, and wherever you go, you can enjoy playing and carrying your instrument. Kalimba key When it comes to kalimba, this handmade choice may be one of the most trustworthy when you shop online. The base is made of mahogany and the rod...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Marke GECKO: Was kann die Menschen in dieser Stadt aufhalten?  Auf der Suche nach einer Stimme, die die Seele heilt |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 03.04.2022

    Multifunctional octagonal flat drum Unsurprisingly, the GECKO brand has brought its new products to the fans again! As a major manufacturer of self-produced musical instruments, whether it is used for learning or collection, as an old fan, you know that every m...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Der Unterschied zwischen Kalimba und Mbira|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 01.03.2022

    Kalimba is a musical instrument with national characteristics in Africa. It gets its name by using the thumb to move the flakes on the body of the piano, which are made of wood, bamboo and metal in modern development. The kalimba sound is ethereal, like the sound of Ding...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Wie man Kalimba selbst baut|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 23.02.2022

    The beauty of music is that you can make so many wonderful sounds with things scattered around you. Among them, the hairpin is a hairpin that can be used to make musical instruments. Yes, we are talking about Kalimba's thumb piano. Here, we will teach you how to make Kal...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • So finden Sie das richtige Etikett für Kalimba|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 16.02.2022

    After Kalimba has a label, the whole senses will look very delicate, and it is easy to find the phonetic alphabet you want when playing, so how to find the Kalimba tag that suits you? Next, let's take a look at it. Where can I find the kalimba tag? The Kalimba tag can be...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • So kleben Sie Aufkleber auf Kalimba |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 02-10-2022

    I believe that after friends buy best gecko kalimba, the first thing to do is to stick stickers, then how can stickers look good? Let's take a look at how to put stickers on GECKO Kalimba.  Kalimba's method of adding stickers  1: select the sticker you want to use. There...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Original Sound & E-Box Kalimba Daumenlaute|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 19.01.2022

    The electric box Kalimba means that the sound signal of Kalimba can be picked up and sent to the sound reinforcement equipment through the signal line. The difference between it and the original Kalimba is that there is one more pickup. Many people who do not understand ...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Wo kann man eine Kalimba kaufen|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 13.01.2022

    When we were children, many of us learned to play musical instruments from an early age. From guitar to violin, we all learn one instrument or another. However, as we spent our adolescence, many of us gave up the musical ability we had learned. Whether or not we lose lov...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • So wählen Sie Kalimba-Schlüssel |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 01.06.2022

    Kalimba thumb piano is a very small, beautiful sound instrument, here to introduce you how to choose keys, hoping to help you. How to choose Kalimba keys The number of Kalimba keys is not fixed, there are 5 tones, 8 tones, 10 tones, 17 tones, 21 tones and so on. Kalimba ...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Der historische Ursprung von Kalimba|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 29.12.2021

    Kalimba has a long history in Africa since 3, 000 years ago, but Kalimba's metal bond is only 1, 300 years old. Kalimba was recorded for the first time in history First of all, let's take a look at some terminology: there are more than ...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • So stimmen Sie die Kalimba ab |  GECKO
    Postzeit: 22.12.2021

    After picking up the thumb harp, hobbyists find that the pitch is not correct when playing it, but they do not know how to start to tune it. In fact, it is not difficult to tune the kalimba. If you want the thumb to have a beautiful tone, you must keep the pitch right. S...Lesen Sie mehr »

  • Die Vorteile und Stile von Kalimba|  GECKO
    Postzeit: 08.12.2021

    Kalimba, also known as thumb piano, is an African characteristic ethnic musical instrument. Compared to mainstream instruments such as piano, guitar and violin, it is indeed an unpopular and niche plucked instrument. Next, the manufactu...Lesen Sie mehr »

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