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In MMIX statutum 'Gecko Instrumentum Book Co., Ltd "comitatu est a professio manufacturer in Guangzhou lnstrument Center Factory, Huizhou  qui maior est in producendo princeps qualis Cajon symphoniae, Kalimba, et Cithara haec otia fecit. Solummodo post sat foro investigationis, nos satus cum toto Consilium sit amet, certis innixa Ergonomics in fine simplicitatis, combining conceptum modern sumptus de administratione vult, quae de notionibus primis tech nology consilio et Europe.USA et Japan.

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  • what is a kalimba | gecko kalimba

    what is a kalimba | gecko kalimba

          Kalimba origin:   Kalimba instrument is a national musical instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa.   In different African countries, Kalimba has different names;   For example, Kalimba is the nam...
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  • how to play kalimba | GECKO kalimba

    how to play kalimba | GECKO kalimba

      Kalimba is a musical instrument originated from Africa; kalimba instrument   It has different names at different places;   We normally call it Kalimba or thumb piano;   Its resonance was achieved by vibration...
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  • The trick to buy Cajon Box | GECKO CAJON

    The trick to buy Cajon Box | GECKO CAJON

    Many times, buying Cajon Box Drums needs to wait, quietly watching, quiet feeling, which brand of drums is the best sound we like most! You can understand the gecko first, the gecko brand has a lot of brands There are...
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