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2009年に設立され、」Geckoの楽器有限公司は、」ファクトリー・センター・恵州lnstrument広州の専門メーカー会社である  高品質なカホンドラム、カリンバ、ウクレレやギターの生産に専攻します。唯一の十分な市場調査の後、我々は、近代的なコスト管理の概念を組み合わせた、人間工学原理に基づか、そして日本Europe.USAから高度なハイテクnologyとデザインコンセプトを吸収し、すべての製品の設計を開始します。


注目の 製品

会社の ニュース

  • 19/10/19

    How to choose the kalimba/thumb piano | G...

    Let’s take a look at how to buy a thumb piano. Gecko Kalimba Appearance in good condition This is the most basic, the appearance of a thumb piano at least can not have obvious damage, such as cracks, scratches,...
  • 19/10/19

    GECKO 17 key kalimba introduction | GECKO

    An instrument called the thumb piano has suddenly become popular on the Internet.A palm-sized wooden box, elastic metal bars of different length, playing all kinds of pop songs sound particularly beautiful, simple con...
  • 19/10/19

    17 note kalimba songs | GECKO

    When people are still struggling to buy the 17 key kalimba or the 10 key kalimba, when people are still worried about finding the score, I have already arranged the score silently, and I will not thank you for it̷...

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